Minority Report series

Anyone take a look at this? I thought I might give it a chance, because Dick.

Naturally, I was disappointed. Dreadfully lacking any real Dickiness, it seemed like a fairly boilerplate crime drama. Is there a chance that this thing could get better, or is it on the path to mediocrity?

No chance of quality. They chose to populate the show with Twilight-esque attractive people to gloss over its lack of depth. After watching the premier I wished I had my hour back (or however long it was).

It’s already on its way to being cancelled, as they actually reduced its episode order, from 13 to 10. I found it lacklustre.

FWIW, it’s better than the movie.

What do I look like, some kind of psychic?

About the only thing I’ve found interesting about it is that they had William Maypother cast in a two episode subplot. And the only reason that’s interesting is because his cousin starred in the movie.

Almost Human did the not too distant, but kinda future thing better, and it didn’t last, so no hope here. Also the precog’s cop friend is pretty much a blatant carbon copy of the cop from Sleepy Hollow.

" Almost Human" was much, much, much better.

I’ll say this for the show: it’s better than “Blindspot”, which we are also watching.

“Minority Report” just isn’t building an interesting plot line fast enough. What we’re getting feels repetitive and boring. See a murder, beg brother for help, stop murder.

Sprinkle in some dumb sideplot with female precog.

It’s got more funny moments than Blindspot. I laughed at the Obamabux, the references to Oldies music and the Simpsons Season 75 promo.

I also like the casual tech, like wrist device drone for taking selfies. The world they crafted seems internally self-consistent. The police can access a network of surveillance cameras. The tech lady has face tattoos to confound facial recognition software. And they had to hack and wipe the camera feeds to remove Dash’s digital footprint.

Or maybe I’m starved for sci-fi these days.

Somehow we knew you were going to say that.