Minority Rule?

So I was sitting in a class on American government, and I was thinking about a particular issue that was raised in 2000, with the election.

People were questioning the validity and necessity to have an electoral college. The reason being, that it was initially started because it was a method to have the representatives of each state act for its own constituency in elections. People didn’t have the methods to learn about each candidate at the time, so educated decisions of the general public could not be made.

With the invention of mass communication, and all the technologies we have today, is this method of election still applicable? George Bush would not be in the White House if we didn’t have the electoral college, simply because he got more votes in the electoral college, regardless of the popular vote.

Any thoughts on the subject?

Dunno where you live, but where I live, the general public is just as ignorant about the candidates as they were 200 years ago, and I doubt whether the members of the electoral college are making any more educated decisions about candidates than they did 200 years ago.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, say I.

And, you realize of course that, to a certain segment of this message board, you just declared war ?

Good luck with your “let’s debate the electoral college” OP. :smiley:

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