Minotaur vs. Terminator

Read this article at IMDB and this one about the lawsuit that Terminator 2 borrowed heavily from another script, “The Minotaur.”

I don’t suppose anybody would have a copy of the script or know where one is? I’m curious about making the comparison myself. Apparently, “The Minotaur” contains a story about a liquid machine that morphs into different people and makes its fingers and arms into pointy metal weapons.
(Doing some research, I found this story goes back to 1993:


Not surprising. There’s an old movie from the late '70’s (I think) called “Class of 1999”, containing an android who crashes a truck, melts his flesh off, looks a lot like the terminator, and is killed by heavy machinery. I don’t know if there was a lawsuit over this, but today there definitely would be.