mints and impotency

I love mints. I take upto 10 a day. Menthos is my favourite. But last
week my friend (?) told me that too much of mints causes impotency. This
has really disturbed me. I tried to search the web for info on this; all
I get is “VIAGRA without prescriptions!!!” Can you help me out? Thank
PS. I am having severe withdrawal symptoms.

If you regularly take up to 10 a day and are not having such problems then I would think that it is okay.

I guess you can get too much of something, but 10 mentos(Menthos) is not that many. Get your woman friend to use them and get extra benefit. (Altoids are better than Mentos though).


I would think you could answer this question yourself.

You say you’ve been eating 10 mints/day for some time. Have you noticed any problems performing sexually? If not, then mints don’t cause impotency.

I don’t know about mints in general, but anecdotal evidence suggests that consumption of Mentos can cause you to become a cheeky scamp with a penchant for lateral thinking. This could have some effect on your sexual performance, but I can’t think what it might be.