Vital advice for men regarding sex and candy.

Don’t get a blowjob from a girl who just ate a mint

Oh, don’t leave us hanging like that!

Not just any mint. Insist on Altoids, the curiously strong mint!

And ladies, it works the other way, too!:smiley:

Hmm… good to know.

So I guess a blow job after the your partner had a couple of habanero peppers would probably be a bad idea too, eh? :wink:

Yeah mama this surely is a dream.

What about if she just ate a Fisherman’s Friend?

The fisherman would probably feel left out. :smiley:

Learned that the hard way. Only the girlfriend was on the receiving end, and apparently something that is generally moist just spreads around the fun :smack:

She was not what you would call happy.

I know a guy who was really into spicy foods. He did a challenge to see how many suicide-sauce wings he could eat. Later on, I hear a SCREAM OF PAIN coming from his girlfriend while the two were in their bedroom.

Draw your own conclusions.


Don’t? It’s fun in my opinion.

I thought it would be an interesting sensation. At least it is with gum.

Yeah, I don’t know why (seemingly) every woman has the impression this is enjoyable. Almost every woman I’ve been with has been all gung-ho to give me an “altoid blow job” - no thanks, that’s a mistake I’m only making once.

You could always ask these guys for advice;).

My husband’s first “real” job as a teenager was at a pizza place, where he chopped jalapenos. He said that he quickly learned the value of washing his hands BEFORE urinating.

What the hell, it’s a thing? Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any more crazy.

An intern of ours came back from Vegas with a “menu” from one of the brothels. The Creme de Menthe Blowjob was one of the specialties.

And Lynn? I also learned a few months ago that I had not sufficiently washed my hands after handling peppers when I went to pee.

Seriously? My wife and I occasionally break out the Altoids with the express purpose of using them during oral. We both find it quite a pleasurable sensation.

I remember that was mentioned during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Apparently the White House intern recommended it to the President; don’t know if they followed through.

Never tried it myself.

Actually, I’d kinda prefer they use Mentos and a Diet Coke.