I've never been so insulted in my whole life!

Why does the Altoids company think that we are a prime market? (see the altoids advertisement in the top left of your screen)

I always carry some of those mints around in the car, and as Alphagene learned to his dismay, the empty tins are a good receptacle for your cigarette butts, but why do they think that we at the SDMB are in need of their product?

'Fess up! Who amongst us has morning breath? I’m thinking some doper who knew that one of us had a problem asked Altoids to put up that ad as a subtle reminder.

Arnold, perhaps they got wind of one of my utterly unhealthy up-to-a-pack-a-day habit. I think I single handedly support their product in this sector, so they must be trying to push my addiction even further. Evil bastards.

It’s not that I have bad breath. I just love the damn things. <sob> I’m so sorry…

Maybe the thought is if we think about our breath more we will get laid more or something.

<scratching head>


What if I called you a putrid sack of…

Ha Ha. Just kidding. :smiley: I did notice the little advertisement. They also seem to be offering the “big box”, as if the normal serving size of 3 altoids wouldn’t be enough to quell our nasty breath.

I’m sorry. I thought this was a thread where insults would be bandied about. Banner? I don’t see no stinkin’ banner.

But, I rather enjoy the curiously strong peppermint. As of now I’m insulted it’s not being advertised to me.

Arnold, you have so been so insulted. Have you looked in ATMB or the Pit lately?

It would be ever so much better if we got a banner ad with a video of the Smint ads. Those were great ads, specially the ones with sound effects of a couple making out in a car, then the announcer saying <something like> “Are you getting any? If you aren’t try Smint!”

Crappy mints, but great ads. Altoids are much better. Especially the wintergreen ones.

I wish I could get an Altoids ad…all I’ve seen is Chicago Reader ones (banner ads on their own site…interesting…and they wonder why they lose money…)

Good God, you heathen!

Wintergreen Altoids are the inferior bastard child of the peppermint. To say that such such a concoction is equal to peppermint is akin to saying that a picture of Elvis on velvet is superior to the roof of the Sistine Chapel. And cinnamon? Pah. Such perversions of pure, peppermint flavor should not exist on this earth.

I am appalled.

Cinnamon Altoids ROCK so shut up. I’m thinking of buying a Big Tin for Mrs. O 'cos she likes 'em so much.

Going back to the OP maybe because Altoids have been mentioned in 63 (!) threads, including several where it has been used as an aid in oral sex.


Ahhh, the refreshing tast of Altoids. Unfortunately, I had to learn the lesson regarding the taste mixture of Altoids and milk the hard way.

“Only the original Altoids rock,” sayeth the Ogre. So it is written, so let it be done.

Only the original are flavored with essential oil. The other two demonspawn flavors are (at least partially) flavored artificially.

Fie! Fie, I say!


But they’re pink! Are you aware that they resemble powdered stage blood? I’m sure I know what brought them about- one day some poor sot fell into the vats at Callard & Bowser, and they looked at the minty pinkish hue, and said, “Well… it’s kind of like cinnamon…” The original makers must be rolling around in their (hopefully fresh-smelling) graves.

Your wife likes them? You must be circumsized.

So much for the refined nature of the SDMB. <sheds a tear>


Don’t think of it as a breath mint. It’s just a tasty mint.

Here, try one.

Ummm… On second thought, why don’t you try two? OK?

Open your eyes people!

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This is just after 2 minutes of searching post titles! I for one thing Altoids couldn’t have picked a better demo than the SDMB.

So how much geeda does Uncle Cecil get out of the Altoids company for that short-lived banner?

So, if the whole altoids=good oral sex think is true, then the SDMB is advertising sex aids?

Has anyone, male or female, had any first hand experience with an altoid bj? Just curious…

Simetra - watch it! :mad:

Biggirl - I don’t think our friend Righteous was trying to insult me, he was just stating a strong opinion. IMHO he wasn’t out of line, we have the right to state opinions at the SDMB. I just hope that he learns a few things from our little community.

Mullinator - what’s this about Altoids and milk? Never tried that. I hope it wasn’t in conjunction with oral sex. :eek:

Thank you DrMatrix for the comforting words but I believe the implication is self-evident. For those that wonder, yes I do brush my teeth thank you very much and my breath is like an irish spring morning.

Er … I think “our friend Righteous” has bigger problems than that. See his latest Pit thread.