Miramax Woody Allen DVDs

MGM/UA has my gratitude for releasing their entire Woody Allen catalogue in boxed-set collections.

I’m not holding out for a Columbia/Tri-Star Wood Allen collection since there are only three films and there was a huge gap between
Manhattan Murder Mystery and Sweet and Lowdown. So, I haven’t been hesitant in adding these to my collection.

A Miramax boxed-set, however, seems like it would make sense: five movies with no break in sequence, I think the MGM/UA sets sold pretty well- which would suggest the same for a Miramax set. So I keep refusing to buy any of the Miramax Woody Allen movies on DVD out of fear that, once I buy any of them, a boxed-set will then be released.

What do you think of my reasoning on this? Since these are DVD’s that I would like to have as part of my collection, is it silly for me to keep holding my breath?