Mirr to come flaming down

The Mirr is expected to burn up this week in the atmosphere this week. Last year it got a repreive from this fate, but it now will burn.

Considering how long we’ve been hearing that only blind faith and duct tape was keeping it up there, I just have to say it’s about time they let it go. It’ll be kinda odd knowing it’s not up there anymore though.

And apparently it’s got a 1 in 33 chance of going wrong and hitting Australia! Yay!

It has no chance of hitting Aussie land. It might come down early, and end up anywhere from central to northern Asia (highly unlikely) or late and end up in South America, where it would be unlikely to hit much of anything.

I find it interesting they tried to find a window that not only avoids land, and shipping lanes, but also major commercial airline routes.

It just seems the end of an area. The last USSR space program coming to an end.

I say good! It’s about time we got a chance to focus back on the American space program!

Note to those who didn’t get it…our space program sucks. Who else would go to the moon and then just STOP??? Here I was hoping for aircars and colonies in the asteroid belt…what do I get? Airworker strikes and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire…

Not to be taken as a slight on anyone here. The U.S. Government has done everything in their power to LIMIT the space program as much as possible…and THAT pisses me off. Seems to me that we could have viable space colonies right nowif it weren’t for the fact that we have morons in public office.

In any case, I am 120% all for the space program but it seems to me that we never should have given up the Apollo system. A proven system that worked just fine and delivered what it promised. Then, of course, we have the space shuttle program, which, typically, gets ready to launch and then? Stops for an error somewhere. Then gets ready to launch again? Stops, again, for an error somewhere…it’s like the damn thing was built by Microsoft or something…

It wouldn’t be coming down anywhere near Quazi, would it?

I was kinda hoping that it would hit my workplace. It would make leaving here so much easier & more satisfying.

Only 45 days to go. But I’m not counting… Really!