Mirror's Edge for $4.99 - will I like it?

I was really interested in this one up until its release. I love the idea and the art style; however the middling reviews kind of cooled my enthusiasm and I passed.

Now it’s on Steam for $4.99. Hell, I spent more than that on coffee today. Buy, for great justice.

Will I enjoy it? I think I’ll probably at least get my money’s worth :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you any problems with motion sickness?

Why bother? Go get a game that you know you’ll like.

Why? I got motion sickness from unreal engine games (That James bond fps, Wolfenstien). If the game is reported to induce motion sickness I am not going to be playing it.

I do not. The only game ever to give me motion sickness was Goldeneye, and even that problem seemed to disappear after a few months of playing it.

I do play FPS games pretty regularly (currently I’m really enjoying the Serious Sam HD re-release).

The game is fun and original. The story is kind of boring though. It’s worth the $5.

Agreed. Mirror’s Edge is definitely worth $5 easy. Though it isn’t without it’s flaws, (a year later I’m still not sure it shouldn’t have been a third person game), it was one of my favorite games of 2008. The fact that we’ll probably never see a sequel disappoints me.

The motion sickness concern is valid though. Imagine POP from a first person perspective and you’ll get the idea. Lots of fast, acrobatic maneuvers.

It’s an excellent game; novel appearance, good control and gameplay, yer absolutely bog-standard story. Buy it!

omg this is an amazing game- for originality
its freakin sweet
u should try it just for the sht and giggles at least

Definitely. If you get a $5 video game and find out you don’t like it very much, your life is pretty much over.

Anyway, grab the demo, I’m sure that will give you a clear indication.

I actually enjoyed it for $25. It may not have been worth $50, but for $5? heck, the game was fairly innovative, and enjoyable. My personal cost-benefit ratio is about $5 per hour of enjoyable gameplay I expect to get out of it. Thus, things like this are no-brainers.

If nothing else, I considered it challenging to go through an entire game without really having much in the way of armaments.

Anyway, I’d give it a shot for that price if I were you.

Similarly, there are a number of old games I grabbed off of the holiday sale. Some of them I own/owned copies of already, but this links them up with Steam. I grabbed the XCOM games cheap. I don’t even think I could get my copy of UFO defense to work last time because it ran too fast on modern processors.

I couldn’t get past the tutorial on the 360. After about 30 attempts to jump from one wall to the next and bounce back or something like that, I gave up. My skillz aren’t up to it so it was a wasted purchase.

I picked it up not long ago for my 360 for $5, but I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. I did play the demo, and it was visually interesting, but I could tell there’s a steep learning curve with the controls.

Apparently my local Wal-Mart has periodic sales of their overstocked games; I’ve picked up about seven games now for $5. Not killer titles, by any means, but what the heck, it’s nice to have a bigger library.

I had a lot of fun with it, at full-price, on PS3.

It can get a little maddening when you have to do a section of a level over and over and over and over until you get it right, but it’s a pretty slick game, if you ask me. Unique style, more about movement than fighting or shooting, cool little cyber-punk back-drop story.

For $5, I say snag it.

It is definitely worth it. There are some maddening flaws like some very unbalanced fights, and some trial-and-error repetitive death frustration when you don’t get a jump sequence perfectly right, but it achieves video game bliss in several areas. It really did need to be slightly more forgiving and fuzzy on the controls with respect to grabbing range and critical jump points though.

True. The demo should be a clear indication, but with so many good games out there now, why even bother risking it?

What? Are you serious?

Why bother “risking” trying a free demo that takes a few minutes to download in order to see if the person would like a full-featured game they’d be interested in for a ridiculously good price of $5?

What angle are you trying to run here? “If you aren’t drawn to a game immediately by pure animal instinct, then clearly it isn’t right to you - so move on to games that you know you have a soul mate relationship with once you hear their premise”?

Whatever it is you’re trying to say, it’s ridiculous.

I didn’t know you could get motion sickness when not actually moving.

Mirror’s Edge is one of the best games I’ve played in the last year. That game is breathtaking. So worth $ 5.

First Person was was perfect, and the motion sickness is part of what makes it awesome. That’s what you are playing against. When you look down and get dizzy, that’s the best.