Mirror's Edge free copy.

Anyone want? Whoever replies first can have it (unless it’s a new person who registered solely to mooch the key off a message board–you must have over 20 posts to get it).


You have steam? (it’s steam or origin downloadable)

I’ll message you with the keys then. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

Great, great game that I cannot recommend enough. The story’s a bit thin (though written by Rihanna Pratchett), but the free running is the best I’ve ever seen. Enjoy!

32000+ posts and 14+ years later it finally pays off.

Does this mean that the Humble Bundle is actually giving out separate keys for all the games this time, meaning we can actually gift the ones we already own? Sweet.

Yep, it is.

It really depends for Humble Bundle. Some copies are unique, some are linked, and unlocking on Steam unlocks them all. I think I’ve “bought” Braid 3 times now, and I can’t gift it because the key is attached.

If you go to the section with your games, it will say something like “Unlock Steam key for X” vs. “Unlock Steam key for X, Y, and Z”

I’m playing using a keyboard-who knew falling off of tall buildings could be so much fun? :smiley:
Once again, thank you Idle Thoughts.