Humble Bundle Discussion Thread (PC Game sales)

Humble Deep Silver Bundle… trying to convince us to never buy another Deep Silver game again that’s not bundled :wink:

Pay what you want for:
Saints Row 2
Saints Row the Third
Risen 2: Dark Waters
Sacred 2: Gold

Pay over Average:
Dead Island GOTY
SRTT Full Package
(plus the above tier)

Pay over $25:
Dead Island: Riptide
(plus all the above tiers)

Given I only had Saint’s Row 3 out of the whole bunch, that’s insane value for 5 bucks. Thanks for the tip, Jophiel. :slight_smile:

Glad to have helped. I remember the THQ bundle last year was big news so I didn’t want this getting lost in the big collective thread.

From what I’m hearing, it’s one Steam key for the lower tier and one Steam key for the BTA tier so you won’t get loose extra copies of any games you already own. And the BTA SRTT package is DLC only. You can’t use it to have a copy of the base game in addition to the lower tier SRTT game.


I only bought these and now that I have them, I’m curious which ones you think are the best.

Are the Saints Row games like Grand Theft Auto? I’ve never played any of the the Saints Row or Grand Theft Auto games.

Are Risen and Sacred RPG games? Did you like either of them if you played them?

I’ve only played SR 3 out of those. SR 3 and GTA are both open world game franchises with lots of criminal mischief. I had a lot of fun with SR 3 – it’s very over the top in both plot and action. Some “mature” themes in there was well. Well, “adult” themes… I wouldn’t necessarily call them mature. But it’s silly and fun and I liked it.

SR 2 I haven’t played but I’ve heard it has a better story than SR 3. In SR 3 the story is more of a frame to hang the action on. I’ve heard the SR 2 port to PC isn’t great though so I’d play SR 3 first and decide if you liked it enough to try SR 2 and live with clunkier controls and more dated graphics.

I own, but haven’t played, Risen 2. It’s a fantasy RPG with a pirate theme. If anything, I’ve seen people give it credit just for a fairly unique theme in a genre filled with generic fantasy hack & slashes.

Bought this bundle for above the average just for the SR3 DLC… which is worth $90 by itself!

I already have SR2 and I’m not sure if I’ll be amused by the other games but I still think this was an incredible deal.

Malahoth, Saints Row is GTA without the fun-stifling realism. Insurance fraud alone is worth $5. (And I only paid $5 because I needed the SR3 DLC!)

Saints Row 2 is closer to Grand Theft Auto, just with some silliness. Saints Row 3 is exactly how DWMarch describes it. I know one game journalist who thinks SR3 is too wacky.

And I’m glad I don’t have to feel sorry for people who actually got SR3 for $5 during the Steam Summer Sale. You can at least still get the DLC for cheap.

BTW, note that “pay what you want” means $1 or more, since the games are only available on Steam. Originally it was done to keep people from gaming a Steam contest*. But the limitation stuck, probably because so few people seemed to mind.

*by signing up for multiple accounts, allowing them to use each Steam key to count as a purchase, essentially stuffing the ballot. For $1 you’d get to enter the contest 100 times, as if you’d actually bought 100 different games.

True. With the Humble Indie Bundles, you could be ‘that guy’ and pay a penny but you wouldn’t get Steam keys for the games, only individually downloaded copies. Since the Deep silver games only come in Steam versions, you need to pay a buck. I’m just used to calling the bottom tier “pay what you want”.

FYI for anyone who might be interested but didn’t get it yet: The pay above the average tier now also includes the games Metro 2033, Risen 1 and Sacred Citadel.

Little bit less than a week to make up your mind…

This is why it’s a good idea to get the bundle early if you don’t plan on paying for the second tier. You will always get those additional games free as a reward for paying early.

I don’t think these are games I would have bought on my own, but they do seem like they might be fun. I normally won’t bother buying a game unless I know I will want to play it all the way through. But I will in buyer-priced bundle.

Ok, everyone stop buying any games not in a Humble Bundle.

Origin Bundle. Pay a buck or more for…
– Dead Space
– Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box
– Crysis 2: Maximum Ed.
– Mirror’s Edge
– Dead Space 3
– Medal of Honor

Pay over average (currently about $4.50 for…
– Battlefield 3
– Sims 3 + Starter Pack

Games activate on Origin (go figure) and most have Steam keys except for DS3, BF2 and Sims 3

Worth noting as well that EA is giving 100% of their cut to charity. So even if you have some vendetta against EA, you’re not giving them your cash anyway.

Awesome deal for those, I may just have to pick this one up! I wonder if they’ll add more games later like they did with the Deep Silver bundle. Even if they don’t, any one of those games is worth $5 on its own.

I wish I had known how awesome Dead Island is. My friend and I were playing video games yesterday and he decided to show me a few minutes of the gameplay. We ended up playing for about ten hours.

Nice. Man, these deals are getting amazing.

Can I gift a game I don’t want?

From what I hear, you get separate codes for each game so you could give away a surplus code.

For games you can redeem on Steam, you get both a Steam and an Origin key and both are independent of each other. It’s charity though so don’t be that guy who gives away a whole “extra” bundle rather than just sharing the great deal and having someone else buy it.

I loathe Origin, due to a particularly bad experience I’ve had with the service in the past. However, the games they are offering are great, EA is not taking a cut of any of the monies donated, and the particular charities being supported this go-around left me with little choice but to donate.

FYI, for those who don’t want to bother clicking through Jophiel’s link, the charities are:

Human Rights Campaign
American Cancer Society
San Francisco Aids Foundation
American Red Cross

It’s highly likely, as they have on every other Humble Bundle for quite a long time. I think it’s become part of the reward for getting in on it early. Usually you have through the weekend before it will be added.

I’ve been mainly getting my stuff Humble Bundles since I don’t have a lot of cash, and I love the creativity of indie games. So I’ve been noticing the patterns.

Just don’t assume that someone who does give you an extra bundle didn’t pay a lot for it. The system is set up where it will not reveal how much they paid on gift orders.

I assume “that guy” you are talking about just bought one bundle and is splitting it.

I’m putting this in a separate post because it’s long:

I wonder what’s in it for EA. You see, the reason pay-as-you-want bundles include a charity option is not because because they are just great and wonderful people. Putting in a charity option increases payment amounts so much that, even with the charity, they make more. For small indies with relatively cheap games, it can actually do better than selling the games directly, even.

If you have a pay-as-you-want system without a charity, people are more likely to view it solely in monetary terms and pay the minimum amount or close to it, because that’s the “best deal.” And people who do pay a higher price tend to feel bad at not getting that deal. But throw in a charity, and people are much more willing to pay above and beyond without feeling like they are being ripped off.

But if everything (besides the Humble Games cut) goes to charity, that system doesn’t work. If all the games were only on Origin, I’d think that was the reason–to get people to use Origin. But they aren’t. I also don’t think they are going the Deep Silver route and using it to prove that their games still have value. So all that’s left, from a business perspective at least, is trying to get good PR, which is a good idea for a company like EA that has a lot of bad experiences.

I’d love to believe they were doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, but experience has shown me otherwise in pretty much every example I can find. Businesses just don’t suddenly turn a new leaf, and EA is not known for being that charitable. They are known for going ahead with things that cause problems and gamers don’t want just because it is predicted to improve their bottom line.

Whatever the reason, I am glad they are doing it. Doing good things for the wrong reasons is still doing good. I just can’t help but wonder what those reasons are.

Yes. Buying a bundle, activating the Origin keys and giving away all the Steam keys (or vice versa).