Miscellaneous Celebrity News

The Daily Mail usually publishes a bunch of pictures of celebs showing them doing something that shows off their best (or worst) looks.

I don’t think that any one of those photos (and the associated mini-story) is worth their own thread. But I thought of starting this thread with the idea that people might be interested in posting any one of the tiny stories shown here or elsewhere that really aren’t large enough to justify their own thread.

Today, one of the pictures is of Paris Hilton who apparently won a bunch of money playing Blackjack at some casino. In what seems like one of the most stupid photos I have ever seen, she displayed the money she won as a bunch of hundred dollar bills all spread out on a table for the world to see.

I wonder what the odds are that her Hollywood mansion will soon suffer a break and enter by some of her “fans” looking to get their share of her new found wealth?

What a dumbbell!

Another interesting photo shows Paris Hilton together with her sister Nicki.

It got me to thinking about that old game people used to play based on Gilligan’s Island. Do you know the one? It was called, “Mary Ann or Ginger”. People would say which one they found the most attractive or which personality was most like theirs. They would ask, “Are you a Ginger or a Mary Ann?”

I thought it might be fun to ask which of the two Hilton sisters you find more attractive. For me, the answer would clearly be Nicki. I don’t care what Paris looks like. She is just such an incredible dumb bunny that I would never want to spend any time with her. What would I talk with her about?

But even though Nicki is more of a mystery, there is something very hot and sexy about her look. I would love to spend some time with her.

How about you?

Yeah, who would’ve thought there’d be anything of value AT THE HILTON MANSION?

I guess most any dummy would think that any mansion would have some things of value.

But when you show off a pile of hundred dollar bills, that might just give them an extra incentive. Cash is usually a very powerful incentive.

Mostly bath towels. Maybe a robe or two. :smiley:

I don’t know that this would necessarily make Hilton’s home more susceptible to burglary, but given that she is famous simply for having been born into a mega-rich family and has never had to do an honest day’s work in her life, and millions of Americans are right now struggling to find work to feed their families, it does seem pretty tone-deaf to flaunt piles of cash like this.

Eh, her whole schtick is “hate-able, out of touch socialite”. It’s not tone-deaf, you’re supposed to hate her for it, and go talk about it on message boards and thus increase her brand so she can go get more advertizing and TV spots.

And ironically, she’s probably made more money off those bits then she’ll inherit from the Hilton fortune. So she isn’t really “famous simply for having been born into a mega-rich family and has never had to do an honest day’s work in her life”, though I’ll grant saying vacuous things on TV and filming the occasional sex-tape isn’t exactly working in the coal-mines.

I thought she made a pile of money by starting a line of purses and some other things. Maybe perfumes?

Then as a result of her celebrity, she sold a lot of that stuff and made plenty of money from that.

You could probably find $50,000 in loose change behind Paris Hilton’s couch…I hardly think this would make anyone more interested in breaking into her house.

Plus, she might be an air-head, but I think even Paris knows how to deposit money in a bank and didn’t take the cash home.

BTW, not too long ago here in Las Vegas, a taxi driver found a paper bag in his back seat of his taxi - with $300,000 in it. He was honest, reported it to the taxi company, and the guy who lost it claimed it. (No word on reward.) Supposedly the guy who won it just had a “lucky streak” at the tables and was not even some big “high roller”.

It didn’t say it was her cash that was displayed in that picture. Also, she isn’t even in that picture. It is probably just some random picture of cash on a gambling table that they pulled off the internet.

And little soaps and shampoos.