hi. i came across the following today that i didnt understand / know. could anyone help me with this, please?
what is macaroni defense?
what is a death valley curve on a graph?
why is the us dollar called greenback?

A US dollar is called a greenback because the back of it is printed using green ink.

You mean like on a test or quiz?

Without wishing to lead a horse to water, but there’s a fantastic thing called google which answers many of life’s little mysteries.

My my. aren’t you the helpful one, filling in the queries and making it all too easy.
Daga needs to learn how to do it himself by doing all by his lonesome.
There is also dogpile.com, askjeeves.com, altavista.com etc. Just ask. :slight_smile:

While we won’t do homework here, this hardly seems like a “homework” set of questions.

My, my. Aren’t we the snarky one.

Listen up, class!

If a youngster comes here asking for homework help, then you’re correct. We don’t do homework(or windows).

If someone comes here asking for crossword puzzle help or radio contest help, we allow that.

It’s all(supposed to be) about fighting ignorance.

Exactly. And if you look closely at my answer, there are two different ways of doing a google search. Now that’s learnin’.

While I wouldn’t send to my mother, nor am I suggesting that the OP necessarily go there, I did find this amusing.

Not for those with an aversion to strong language/Probably not work safe.