Misogyny from The Onion

we are living in 2013 and people are still using the word pussy to denote weakness?

I think we should boycott this website until they stop degrading women

You are aware of how hyperbole & satire work, right? Or is this thread a whoosh?

Besides, strange as it may seem The Onion actually, sometimes, provides a better analysis of current events than the MSM. Regrettably.

I’m not not seeing the misogyny.

You can be satirical without being hateful and perpetuating hurtful stereotypes

So are you going to boycott their website?

And you can start threads without being whiny and making yourself look silly.

So they don’t mean kitty cats then?

Sounds like someone got sand in their vagina.
Now THATS misogyny.

God, how much longer is this petulant bullshit going to go on? A bunch of you are sad that you can’t make titty jokes in medical threads anymore. We get it. Grow up.

Awwww, don’t be a dick about it…

…or get your titty in a wringer.

Using “Pussy” to denote weakness is rooted in calling someone a “Pussy Cat,” so no - there’s no misogyny there.

Also, how many of these “fake outrage” posts are you going to start this month?

Besides, “Pussy” does not refer exclusively to girlyparts. It is also used to mean any soft, fuzzy, warm thing (pussy cat, pussy willow, diminutive of face(puss)). Would you be ok with calling weak people “soft”?

You’re having us on, right?

The whole crying “misogyny” thing is getting tiresome. Not every sexual comment or reference to female body parts is misogynistic. I am a woman, and I don’t need people “defending” my gender against dispersion. Thinking women in general need to be protected or defended against insult is insulting in and of itself.

Could we just give the whole misogyny thing a rest, please?

Closing this down for a few reasons…

  1. theonion is not a serious website, in case you didn’t know.
  2. We don’t need another thread on this subject
  3. It would probably turn into a pile on anyway.

So feel free to take it to the Pit if anyone wishes to pit anyone else or discuss it further.