Miss Universe 2015 national costumes

A few of the national costumes are shown in this link. Miss Thailand is apparently a tuktuk? And Hungary couldn’t come up with anything better than a Rubik’s cube? Is Miss Lebanon supposed to be a leprechaun?

France’s costume is too painful to be a good choice.

My vote goes to Miss Paraguay, but I’m not sure why.

Now that’s some funny shit.

I hope none of these women plan on actually walking through a doorway.

Cedar tree, I assume.

Canada looks painful, for a given definition of painful.

Is Curacao supposed to be alcohol?
Argentina is pampas I guess.
Angola is… entrails of someone slaughtered in the war? No?

Miss Paraguay’s costume was good but I’m voting for Miss Aruba’s costume.

Miss Canada has a totem pole between her legs.

These are so much fun. That is a powerful amount of feathers on display. How do they get these things through airport security? That’s actually a serious question – I wonder what the long feather luggage looks like, and whether there’s a special process for handling those bags since the contents are so delicate.

I am sure they are crated and shipped.

Remember that there is a prize for the “best” national costume. Also keep in mind that, other than in the opening introductions, the costumes aren’t used.

I told myself not to click the link, but did I listen? Nooo …

If I were forced at gunpoint to cast a vote, I’d have to go for Ukraine. While I’m scarcely an expert on the “festival” wear of the region, my impression is that what she’s wearing is a somewhat exaggerated version of the same; so it’s miles/kilometres ahead of most of the others as regards “national costume.”

At least Miss Israel provides the long overdue tribute to the noble pipe cleaner.

Not only that, she brought pie.

Miss Thailand is…a dump truck.

I do love how many of these ladies look like they’re about to become airborne and go soaring far above the stage.

(PS: The OP likes Miss Paraguay because she’s wearing only a faint sprinkling of golden pixie dust over her sex bits. And a pineapple with eyes on her head.)

Well I have to admit that Miss America’s outfit screams AMERICA! I could see her running along next to Captain America and Wonder Woman.

Yes. And the costumes are, too.

Miss Nigeria is Habanero Tan. :slight_smile:

Some more costumesat the pageant’s own site. Miss Great Britain is… well, yeah, British. Miss Bahamas is an almost naked fish; IMO if you’re talking beauty queens, almost naked is always a safe call.

Curaçao went a bit too cute: we get it, “Blue Curaçao”, right.
OK, so Miss Costa Rica is a coffee blossom, those are quite nice actually.

Does anybody still watch beauty pageants?

Miss USA looks like a cross between Captain America and the Falcon.

That was the clincher for me.

But does she glow under a blacklight?

It’s as if Trump never left.