Miss Universe: Wrong Contestant Crowned

Oh man…did anyone else see this? How humiliating for Miss Colombia. I can’t believe Steve Harvey screwed up that badly.


Much harder for Miss Philippines. Couldn’t smile, didn’t know what to believe (or whom to trust. :smiley: ) Don’t they usually hire an auditing firm to do the tallying?

I just watched the clip. I give Steve Harvey credit for 100% owning it. He showed the card, which was correct, but he read it wrong.

We all make mistakes, but he owned his and apologized. I actually admire how he handled it.

And, for the record, I’m not a Steve Harvey fan at all. I actually find him kind of annoying usually. Like, almost always. However, he handled this mistake with class.

My wife is asleep beside me so I can’t watch with sound, but how did he actually screw up? Did he just not read the card in front of him somehow?

:eek::smack::frowning: Oh, that is awful!

There was a firm that did the tallying. Steve Harvey just screwed up.

That’s how it appears. I guess he thought the 1st runner up line on his card was the winner. How sad that she took her walk and was wearing the crown before they realized the mistake.

I can imagine a nervous first-timer can mis-read something like this.

It’s hard to say what was possible and not possible in the moment during the broadcast but it really seems like the two women should have been informed of the error before Steve Harvey made the information public, so they would have a chance to compose themselves. As it is both women were caught flat footed and frankly I would not have blamed Columbia for just completely breaking down right there (and then had she done so, you just know the whole world would be calling her names–a further injustice). It wasn’t fair of the show to put her in that position.

This happened in a New Zealand pageant (about 30 years ago) for a similar reason - misreading “first runner up” as “first place”. It’s a confusing nomenclature.

Well, he had little choice but to tell the truth. What an idiot. I hate to say it but YOU HAD ONE JOB. Steve Harvey gets a big Price is Right Loser sounder for that one.

That said, I would 100% bring him back to host next year, can you imagine the ad gimmicks you can come up with? Hell, if Im on Madison Avenue, Im already throwing $$$$ at him to do a Super Bowl commercial based on this boner.

As for Miss Colombia, I predict she will cash in on this in more ways than Miss Philippines would ever imagine. She’ll be fine. Its just a stupid beauty pageant, anyway, maybe one of the lowest forms of competition.

Nervous first timer??? He hosts Family Feud for a living. This was an all-time choke.

Well, Harvey did apologize on tweeter too, but then had another boner for that too.

There were no “Philippians” or “Columbia” contestants, unless ancient Thrace or the D.C. sent contestants. :smack: , and I see that Frylock deserves a smack too… :slight_smile: the correct way are the Philippines and Colombia.

Harvey had to correct that too.

Still, as bad as this was, no one will top Neon Deion co-hosting the Miss USA pageant:


There’s a difference between hosting a game show once a week and a pageant once a year, assuming you’ve been hosting MU a number of times now, which Harvey hasn’t. In my job, I do things as a matter or routine daily, weekly, even monthly to a point that I can do all of them without really thinking. But an annual exercise wherein you relearn or revisit everything? That’s hard. In the same way, when hosting MU for the first time, you basically call on your long experience on stage or in front of the camera, to execute things cleanly and smoothly without foul-ups.

I think one issue is the dumb terminology as “first runner up.” It always threw me as a kid. First place, second place, etc are much better.

An elevator with upper ground, lower ground, and first floor on the console shouldn’t excuse you from getting off the wrong floor. I’m ticking this off as lack of experience. Harvey should be allowed another shot next year.

This is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened. I had to watch it a few seconds at a time with breaks in between, because it almost physically hurts to see it.

Looks like a circa-2000 Palm Beach, Florida presidential election ballot!

Has anyone contacted Miss Thessalonians for comment?

I just consulted the Big Book of Difference (2015 edition), and nope, no difference.