Missing Outlook Favorites folder

I fat-fingered Outlook this morning. I have a many folders under ‘Favorites’. When I went to file an email under a certain folder, the folder is missing. I have no idea where it went after my slip. I did find an archived folder Online Archive, but the latest email in there is from the 15th.

How can I find the folder I lost? I assume once it’s found, I can just drag it back into its place in Favorites. But I need to find it first!

[NB: I did send an email to IT Support, but maybe my Brain Bank here can help me faster. :wink: ]

Have you just tried searching Outlook for [foldername]?

I don’t know how to search for a folder name. If I put the name of the folder into the search box, all I see are 997 emails that contain the company name in some for (subject, body of the email, email address…).

It’s been a long time since I worked with Outlook, the app, but I use the web interface of outlook.com everyday. There I have a folder named “deleted elements”, so don’t you have some similar folder? Look in there, if you inadvertently deleted the folder, it must sit there.

IT Support found it.

I didn’t notice that the Inbox had an arrow after it. (It never did before.) I moved the folder out of Inbox and down into Saved.

It is way too easy to lose things in Windows!

Yes, accidentally dragging things is a common problem. It should come with an undo. I’ve had mouses (meece?) that the left button would randomly release in the middle of a drag. Nothing is more annoying.

Usually, you can find things by searching for something you know is in there. The trick is to come up with a sufficiently restrictive search term.