Outlook Folders Question

We have Outlook 2003 at work, running with Exchage Server. I need to find a particular folder amongst the mess that is my Inbox - I have managed to find some of the messages that I know to be in this folder, but for the life of me, I cannot find the folder itself, as there are other messages contained therein (that I cannot find in a search) which I wish to access.

How can I get Outlook to tell me where in the tree structure my folder is?


I haven’t used Outlook for a year or so, but isn’t there a “Find” function under “Tools” maybe? You can look for a message from someone, or containing a certain word. If you did that, it would probably find the folder for you in a roundabout way.

Outlook 2003 folders are ordered alphabetically, so I’m not quite sure how you could possible ‘lose’ a folder. Do you have such a deep folder structure that doing a visual search by expanding likely parent folders recursively is not an option here?

After you do the search, right-click on the header field row (where it says From, subject, etc.) and select Field Chooser. Change the selection to “All Mail Fields” and scroll down to “In Folder”, then drag that icon up to the header field row. Now you will have the path to the folder containing the found messages.

Are you sure about that? I just get the folder name (and not the full folder path) in my copy of Outlook 2003 (which is fully up-to-date).

No, I thought it showed the path but mine’s at work and I’ll take your word for it. How about this: after getting the folder name, right-click on the mailbox, select properties, click “Folder Size” button. Scroll until you find the folder name and that should show you the path.

Thank you all for your comments - yoyodyne cracked it in the end… none so blind…

I do have a horrificaly deep folder structure that is (clearly) not ordered as well as it could be, since I have now located the “CD printing” folder within the “Software” folder (within the “Computers” folder, within the “Network” folder)

Happy days,