Missing posts

Since the crash, there’s been about a half dozen times I’ve submitted a post and never had it appear in the thread. I’ve submitted these posts in the same manner as others which appear with no problem and, as far as I can tell, there’s no common factor between the missing ones. Nor would the subject matter have been anything that would have been intentionally deleted by the staff.

Anyone else having this problem? Anyone have any ideas on avoiding future disappearances?

I’ve had an OP disappear even though the thread took.


Only a workaround: if you are typing in a long post and don’t want to have to reenter it, then copy and paste your post into another program and save it to a temp directory on your hard disk before submitting the post. So if the post isn’t created successfully you can try to resubmit it later.

I posted to a thread last night, and the post showed up. A subsequent poster appears to respond to my post. But my post is gone now.

Link please? In general, if you are reporting a problem relating to a thread / post, it helps us investigate if you provide a link.

Sorry, Arnold; in Cities trivia… I posted shortly after JohnT’s second post that Flint, MI, with a population of 124,000, is the only city in the Census Bureau’s listing of cities of 100,000 or more with a one syllable name.

And I saw the post come up in the thread. While not definite, it appears Reeder’s subsequent post is a response to mine.

It seems to me Reeder’s subsequent post is a response to

That’s why I said it’s not definite; JohnT posted Flint as a guess and I confirmed it for him.

Only Reeder knows for sure, but I would also guess that he was answering JohnT. Haven’t heard a complaint yet that some posts are visible and then have disappeared. (Unless a moderator deletes a post. - Did you include an insult to Coldfire in your answer?)

No, I forgot again.

Serves you right then, cowboy. :wink: