Mission Impossible : fallout

No thread on this a week after it opened? I searched for one. All the reviews are very good. Some say it’s the best MI movie - this is #6.

I agree it’s a very good movie, a bit long. Lots of action , same director as the last one.

Best part by far is Vanessa Kirby :slight_smile: Very sexy , had not seen her before. She has a small but key role.

I agree on Kirby, I hope that we’ll see more of her, though I couldn’t say exactly how she stood out.

The movie itself was…good. it’s still basically an action film, where the original series was all heists and con jobs, but it starts out in the right foot. By the end, though, it’s all action.

I’d compare it to Timothy Dalton era Bond or Connery’s From Russia with Love - reasonably clever for a spy/action film, but still pretty light. I was hoping for more, but by the standards of the day just having an action film that is even minimally clever, however bubble gum it may be, probably does make this film stand out from the bunch. But, personally, I think that’s probably the best you can say for it.

I’d still go for Munich, Spy Games, A Clear and Present Danger, Lucky Number Slevin, etc. ahead of this one of I was looking to rewatch something.

I haven’t seen it, but I did notice something from the trailer. Is it possible the movie’s called “Fallout” because Tom Cruise is constantly falling out of things? Seems like, over the course of the franchise, he’s always being thrown from motorcycles, airplanes, trains, off of cliffs, skyscrapers, etc.

If I had the time and the skill, I’d edit together a montage of Cruise’s various catapultings and plummets.

Wasn’t the whole point of ***M:I ***that it wasn’t an “action” series? :dubious: :confused:

That’s a whole separate rant. In the TV series, the bad guys never had a hint they were being set up until it was too late.

I thought the entire purpose of the shows was to embarrass those who attempt to play the main-theme music but can’t count. :slight_smile:

I, too, have heard nothing but good things about M:I.

Apparently Tom Cruise did, literally, all his stunts. After all these years, he’s still a badass, minus, you know, all the Scientology cult stuff.

Have you ever tried to play the theme? It’s written in 5/4 time. Way beyond the capabilities of my high school band!

I saw the first movie and have no desire to see any of the others.

that’s not where they get fallout from

Okay, but how many things does Tom Cruise fall out of during this movie, or over the whole franchise?

in this movie don’t think there is anything he falls out of . He comes close a few times. He does parachute out of a plane . A good amount of the action is in car/truck/motorcycle/boat chases but there is a helicopter chase too.

Falls that I can remember:

Falls off a motorcycle.
Cuts his way into a water drain and falls into it.
Jumps from the window of an office building onto a roof below it.
Falls off the bottom of the helicopter, onto a big load of stuff below it.
Falls out of the sky, in his helicopter.
Falls over the edge of a cliff in his helicopter.
Falls over the edge of a cliff, towards his helicopter.

well some of those are deliberate so I don’t see them as falls. Also if you are in a vehicle I don’t see that as a fall. But to each his own .

Anyone else notice the connection between the White Widow (Vanessa Kirby’s character) and the FIRST MI movie?

She’s the daughter of the arms dealer Max (Vanessa Redgrave).

I’m one of the type who, under the right circumstances, can sometimes count to 5. :slight_smile:

I was disappointed. I thought it needed an editor and some ruthless pruning. It would have been a much better moving with about 30 minutes removed. It did have some solid callbacks to the original series, which was nice.

I agree that a few minutes could have been pruned from some of the chase scenes.

I have not seen any other MI movies since #1, and that I barely remember. Even so, I had no trouble following the storyline. Yes, there was some backstory referred to that I hadn’t seen/experienced but it is done in such a way that it did not cause any problem for me or the friend I went with.

Many of the stunts were impressive, all the more so for knowing they were done by Tom Cruise himself - the man is 55 and in good enough shape to still do these things.

I had some tiny quibbles with liberties taken with laws of physics, human durability, and the notion an untrained person to fly a helicopter without crashing it (if Mr. Hunt has had prior experience in-story I’m unaware that’s a different story). But they were tiny, and I enjoyed the action.

Most importantly - I was entertained. That is, after all, what a movie is for, to entertain.

Haven’t seen Fallout yet but I did just watch 1 thru 5 over the past couple weeks.
The original is still good even if it is a bit aged and the Chunnel helicopter climax is clumsily done.
MI:2 is easily the stinker of the bunch. John Woo’s artsy attempt makes you want to stop watching the series at that point. Long shots of various characters making eye contact and staring at eachother over bad music.
MI:3 is awesome just because it’s not MI:2 and Philip Seymor Hoffman makes an awesome villian.
Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation are both really good and give the Daniel Craig bond movies a run for their money.

Movie was pretty good, but was anyone else distracted by the:

Magic Countdown bomb.

Dude, this is 2018. I expect my bomb countdowns to be edited in movies to at least feel a little bit accurate. This movie’s bomb had 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes(correct me if I’m wrong), Ethan Hunt:

  • Discussed what to do
  • Ran after the helicopter
  • Climbed up the helicopter, falling once on the way up
  • Took over helicopter
  • Engaged in helicopter chase, being shot at by a gatling gun
  • Crashed the helicopter
  • Survived a tremendous helicopter v. helicopter collision
  • Fought bad guy on a cliff
  • Fought bad guy on the ropes, killing him
  • Climbed the cliff back up and go the detonator, removing the component needed.

It felt like 45 minutes of Ethan Hunt’s life, minimum.

It probably felt alot longer to him as well…

(although your point is very valid - disabling it @1 second left is a requirement however).