Mitch McConnell/Booji Boy

I noticed the visual similarity, and cannot unsee it. I put this in The Pit because it is mean and partisian, and I offer no redeeming lesson or value. Mitch McConnel looks like Booji Boy.

I don’t really see it. He looks a little like a turtle, though.

Turtle can’t be a ginger, turtles have souls.

Y’know, there are lots of folks on this board who **aren’t **American, and like me, don’t necessarily follow US politics with avid concern, and can’t be fucked to go googling either Mitch McConnell OR Booji Boy.

Would it be too bloody difficult to maybe give a brief synopsis about who they are, and why it might be ‘mean and partisan’ to compare the two? Doesn’t have to be essay quality, just a few lines will do.

Thanks ever so much for your time and consideration. :rolleyes:

You’re better off not knowing. Really.

I’m surprised you’d give this much effort to a thread mentioning two people you’ve never heard of. If I saw a thread entitled “Samuel Angrofelter looks like Leslie Crabtree,” I’ll tell you right now I wouldn’t be arsed to even click on it, let alone write a reply asking for clarification.

Samuel Angrofelter looks nothing like Leslie Crabtree.

I have no idea who Booji Boy is.

Mitch McConnell is a senator from Kentucky and the Minority (Republican) Leader of the US Senate. That means that he’s the highest ranking Republican in the Senate right now, and he generally serves as the spokesman for the Republicans in the Senate, organizes Republican legislation and voting and so on. I think he looks like a turtle.

A turtle is a reptile in the order Chelloni. They date back as an order about 220 million years, making them the oldest surviving reptilian order. They’re characterized by a hard, bony shell, and a rigid beak lined with sharp ridges.

Ok I was wrong earlier. I clicked.

I literally LoL everytime I see someone put McConnells pic up next to a turtle making a similar facial expression. For some reason it just hits the political-humor sweet spot for me.

If his politics weren’t so loathsome to me, why, I’d just want to shnuggle-wuggle his fat widdle belly-welly-- he’s just so cute and jowly, I say I say!

ETA: Oops, wrong pic!

Something tells me that guy doesn’t like shnuggle-wuggles, so … Cuddle away! He deserves the punishment. :slight_smile: and yeah, you can add me to the “dude looks like a [del]lady[/del] turtle” camp. And apropos of almost nothing, every time I see Boehner I think of how he looks like the world’s saddest tangerine, thanks to Jon Stewart.

Well, McConnell looks like Booji Boy’s dad, maybe.

Booji Boy was the alter ego of one of the members of the band DEVO, and a syumbol of their ideas on de-evolution.

Meanwhile, when my Mom was going through the last few months of her terminal illness, we received regular visits from the reverend of the church she went to, who both looked and sounded like an uncanny twin of Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day. He seemed a perfectly nice person, but every time he showed up I had to quell an instinctive reaction either to quote lines from the movie at him or just punch him in the face. Very disconcerting.

Are we not men?

I didn’t intend for anyone to have to google a thing. My sole intention was to point out that these 2 fellas look alike. I provided links to pictures of the guys in question, and that was the whole thing.
It was mean because I was poking fun at a man for the way he looks.
It was partisan because he and I are not aligned politically, which, upun further review, individual Dopers likely may not have known.

Oh shut the fuck up. It is not anybody on this board’s job to spoon feed you. Plus, it’s a board based around a column in a Chicago newspaper, fer Christ sakes. (Chicago is a city in the U.S., if you are geographically illiterate).

ETA: bobot, the similarity gave me a bit of a chuckle.

I don’t see the resemblance to someone I’ve never heard of. The turtle resemblance is uncanny. I think instead of ending the filibuster, Reid should have put a piece of raw meat on the end of a stick and offered it to McConnell.

I’ve always thought he does, FTR. There are better images of Boojie Boy that would make a better case.