Mitsubishi commercial

I am trying to learn the song title and the lyrics in the Mitsubishi commericial. The one with the black male driving various groups of people. It sounds like, “Just Breathe.” Does any one know for sure?

Is this it?

AWESOME! Thanx so much!!

Wait! What about the other Mitsubishi songs? a) Isn’t it Mitsubishi with a car full of guys in one car, and a car full of girls in another car - both are singing the same song with a fast tempo - as the camera shots jumps back and forth between views inside the two cars. …the words are hard to catch because they are singing so fast, but maybe someone knows what song they sing?

b) I believe it is also Mitsubishi with the girl singing about “I’m in heaver with my boyfriend…” with camera shots of her (seemingly) putting up with the little annoying habits of her various boyfriends - such as one guy putting his bare feet on her dash…smells great, less filling!

I’m not hijacking the thread, I just wanted to continue the dicussion a little further. Thanks! - Jinx

Bah! The Nissan commercial featuring Gary Numan’s “Cars” is far, far superior! :smiley: :smiley:


That would be “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies:



b) it’s a Kia commercial, and I’m not sure of the synth-pop artist. However, the girl is pretty hot no matter what outfit she rocks in that ad.

actually the commercial w/ “i’m in heaven w/ my boyfriend…” is for a kia commercial

Ok, then what’s that funky thing that they play for the Lincoln Navigator commercials? (The earlier edition) It sounds like a Nawlins jazz tune. Anyone?

Good Heavens, Miss Sakamoto, she’sBEAUTIFUL!!!

carry on…

The answer to most of the “what song is in this commercial” questions can be found at

tanstaafl thanx.

Where can I get the lyrics to “King Of the World” By Steely Dan, Countdown to Ecstacy?

Where can I get the lyrics to “King Of the World” By Steely Dan, Countdown to Ecstacy?

The Kia commercial music (“I’n in Heaven, with my boyfriend”) is “Genius of Love” by the Tom Tom Club. (AKA Talking Heads minus David Byrne). I know Tom Tom Club had at least one album, maybe two, and the song is also in the Talking Heads film “Stop Making Sense”.

Oops – minor clarification – Tom Tom Club did the original version of “Genius of Love” but I believe it is Paula Abdul who did the cover version in the Kia commercial.

Just go to google and use a search string like “king of the world lyrics steely dan”

You’re bound to find a lot of sites.

Whenever you want to find the lyrics to a song, do this:
[li]Go to , the best search engine ever.[/li][li]Type in something of the form `lyrics “[songtitle or a few lyrics]” [maybe band name]’ (remove single-quotes and square brackets, but keep the double-quotes) and press enter.[/li][li]You’ll probably (almost certainly) find exactly what you’re looking for.[/li][/ul]

Keeping the double-quotes ensures the title or lyrics are searched for as a unit, not as individual words. This is what you want.

Note: Google has a limit on the amount of words it will handle in one search. For these kinds of searches, that mainly means you shouldn’t (or won’t be able to) google anything more than a brief sampling of the lyrics if you don’t know the title. This usually is not a problem.

While we’re on the topic of songs in car-related commercials, does anyone know about the song used in the Bridgestone tire ads - the one that goes “The wheels roll on and on…”?
It sounds soooo familiar. Tried the link tanstaafl provided, the bridgestone site, and google and came up with nil.

“Sandyland” by Robin Willaimson – Is this it?

A “what song is that in this commercial” thread.
Mitsubishi’s Outlander commercial that starts with long drum solo, and at the end a singer say’s something that sounds kinda like “I was walking down the street”, then he says something else.
It’s not Fall’s Blindness as listed on that site mentioned above. Is it?