Mitt: "All we got is a lousy hat!"

Why does Mitt say this as the end of his speech? Context, please?

Trump, especially early on, often wore and distributed vbaseball caps which said “make America Great Again.”

There’s a thread about the speech. Do we need a separate thread for one quip from the speech?

Don’t threads about fashion belong in Cafe Society?

Need? Or want?

Don’t threads about BAD FASHION belong in The Pit? :smiley:

I always wonder what the point of such a post is?

All we got is one " lousy " sentence ! What happen to the rest of the speech?

It’s a good reminder to the rest of us to post minor questions in an existing thread, rather than start a new one. Even if it sounds pissy (“thread-pissing”?)

It’s from those disneyland etc hats that you buy for the folks back home who couldn’t go. It says that on the hat or the shirt.

That’s a factual answer. Should have been in General Questions :slight_smile:

Thas your opinion dude.

I was complimenting your’s being the only real, and correct answer to the OP.

Off to IMHO!

Maybe the Pit :slight_smile:

That thread is now over 200 posts long, with multiple posters participating.

I’ve found in the past that if I ask a very specific question in a long and involved ranting thread, it can be overlooked. I find I get better responses in that case by asking my specific question as a stand-alone.


I was jokin. I just have an aversion to emojis.

I thought it referred to the pretend cowboy who is “all hat and no cattle”, but Trump’s cheesy ballcap makes more sense.

And to continue the meme, mundane and pointless questions about where a post belongs should be in…

…ATMB, of course.

April 1st is coming up.

Mods, take note. :slight_smile: