Low level "Pit Response" thread

Here’s an idea. I don’t know if it’s been tried before, but the SDMB rules have a big flaw. If somebody makes a semi-innocuous but jackass post you can’t call them out in that thread, and there’s no point in making a Pit thread over one post. I figure if we had one thread for minor calling out then there would be a way to highlight bad posts that don’t rise to the level of trolling or qualify for their own thread. Just say your piece here and leave a link in the other thread saying something simple like “Pit Response” and leave a link.


Whilst stuff like this happens all the time, this is the post that prompted the idea of this thread. TokyoBayer tells a long boring story about his flying history. TAmnesia can either ignore it, react to it in the thread or start a new Pit thread about it; none good options. He chose option 2,; I’d hope with a thread like this existing people could choose an option 4.

Can’t the monthly Minirants thread be used for this?

I guess so. There’s nothing stopping someone from using that against a fellow poster and providing a link. However they are more a mini rant against the world style vibe. I was thinking that this would be one big thread that drops like a stone until it gets revived by a new incident, would last for longer than a month,and would be a cleaner deliniation as it would be only responses to SDMB members

The rude response to TokyoBayer was more of a pit-worthy response than TB’s post. If people want to sling insults at respected posters for totally innocuous reasons I guess that’s their right, but it’s pretty shitty. I think it will degrade discourse on the board.

I believe that TB’s post was exactly the kind of turgid off topic ramble that should be called out more but can’t be because there’s no simple way to do it.

Because it is so hard to see a long post and scroll past it?

Mmm, I disagree. TokyoBayer’s comments are about the subjective nature of the longest you’ve ever flown non-stop. And he provided several examples of circumstances that increased his subjective travel time.

The OP for that matter said

Which for me would indicate that they are aware that the situation makes a difference - otherwise does it really matter if you were in economy, business, or first class? Sure, TB could have said less, but this is IMHO, his subjective opinion does make a difference. TAmnesia could have created a Pit thread, but I doubt he would have gotten much traction for that post. But he would have had the right, and gotten it out of his system. So the system works!

As to the longest flight thread, it also wasn’t clear whether the OP really was asking about longest flight = 1 takeoff to 1 landing or longest journey = string of 1 or more consecutive flights in rapid succession. At first folks answered the first way, but pretty quickly it was obvious the second was more relevant and most posts were about multi-leg marathons.

As to the idea behind this thread, which by now has 6 hijacks out of 8 posts …

It might well succeed in the same was as the “Trolls R Us” and now “Trolls are Us Redux” threads have. The topic is eternal, the specific whinge du jour is not. Those are exactly the kinds of topics that call out for an Omnibus Whatever or Great Ongoing Whatever thread.

As to this:

That sentiment applies with equal force to the entirety of the BBQ Pit. And yet it exists and is popular after all these years.

I personally spent very little time in the Pit pre-Discourse for exactly the reason you cite: I’m not looking for a degraded / degrading experience. Slinging one-liner insults at one another is not edifying. Since Discourse I’ve found the Unread & Latest features show me some BBQ threads that turn out to be guiltily entertaining.

Coincidentally, just this morning somebody took exception to something I said last night. They strongly implied I was cruelly insensitive and they got pretty testy about it. Sufficiently so that they drew a mod admonition.

All 3 of us would have been better served if that person had posted here, not in-thread. Not that I want to get Pitted, but the more we can corral the anger here, the less we’ll have it elsewhere.

Maybe we call it “Mini-Modding” where you can play Mod & tell so-and-so just where & how they’re violating your idea of our community standards. All with no real consequences for anyone.

I like this thread idea. Not all-out Pitting, but enough to do minor call-outs of bad behavior.

And I agree that the Monthly Minirants isn’t the place for this. That is more about griping about life and the world in general, whereas this thread would be for Dope-specific stuff.

Maybe we need a "Jerks are Us” thread. Though between the troll thread and the mini-rants, you could find a spot for your Pit-ee…
Besides, the Mini-Rant thread has turned into “Tales of Sick Cats”, we could use a break from that.

I dunno. The concept puts me in mind of a somewhat tamer version of the Snark Pit threads over on Giraffe boards.

I suppose that could be appealing for some, but what I’ve seen of those threads doesn’t impress me much.

Perhaps. And the fact that the gripe would get flagged in the original thread, do you think of that as a bug or a feature?

There are of course a lot of crappy posts in the Pit, as there are in every forum to some degree, with the added “bonus” of some gratuitous insults. Most of them, though, are deserved. But in general I find the Pit quite an entertaining place. At its best it’s a place of unalloyed honesty plus occasionally some of the funniest posts anywhere on this board. It’s also been home to some serious discussion. The lengthy thread pitting the now-banned SamuelA, for example, touched on a number of interesting topics in a fair amount of depth, in between insults. As I said in that thread, “A great thread, like the one dedicated to pitting SamuelA, is like a long, magnificent river. As it meanders the great expanse of its many miles, its nature changes – here a perhaps a rush of rapids, there a vast plain of slow-moving water …”. Only in the Pit could a single thread range across the gamut from debating the computational theory of mind and the physics of deflecting asteroids to the pittee proudly proclaiming that he was a pervert and a pedophile. :grinning:

When it comes to flagging, I think it’s both - flagging is a judgement based on the reader’s impression, and then the call on the flagged comment is a moderators. Multiple layers of subjectivity means no one is going to be happy with the results. Since I don’t have a better idea however…

Couldn’t agree more. It’s always been my favorite forum because of the honesty of the discourse and the rapid-fire wit of some posters. The addition of memes has made it even better, IMO.

I just have a problem with slagging someone who’s clearly making a good faith effort to participate. TP wasn’t being rude, he wasn’t trolling, he wasn’t advocating abhorrent ideas, he wasn’t threadshitting, so my response to his pitting is a resounding, “So the fuck what?” I suspect if people start pitting others for what amounts to a personal pet peeve, it’s going to be more of the same. But maybe I’m wrong. I guess we’ll find out.

Well, I like the idea of NOT hijacking a thread if I didn’t like something, and having somewhere to say “This post(er) really bugged me.”

And have twenty other people chime in to say “Naah, that wasn’t bad. Stop being so testy.” To which I would reply “Oh, guess it just bothers me…(I wonder why? … therapy ensues)”

A great turn of phrase; thank you.

I remember participating in the early stages of that thread. Discourse tells me I made 11 posts. All in the first 10% of what turned into a ~1600 post grand marathon. I did not know about the pervert and pedophile part. That’s an awesome find.

Wasn’t sure where to to put this, but most certainly not in the original thread (and note that I am not pitting Friar Ted per se, pitting the company in question if anyone):

My advice would be to melt down all Apple products you have and delete their software from all your devices (doing a complete reformatting if necessary).

LOL! I understand the feeling but that would not help her problem.