Mitt embraces Kid Rock.... LOL wut?

Apparently Kid Rock preformed at some sort of rally for Mitt and Mitt is totally cool with this.

Talk about your odd couples.

Kid Rock came out in support of Romney a couple months ago, and Mitt’s been using his song “Born Free” for some time as a campaign song. This is probably Mitt’s only really “cool person” endorsement that I can think of.

You appear to have forgotten about Scott Baio.

Shit, Meatloaf is still cooler than Kid Rock.

And meanwhile, Pat Boone sits by his phone, waiting, broken-hearted…

I wonder if Mitt is familiar with any of Kid’s lyrics. Some of which include: [Graphic]

…Licking pussy under water, blowing bubbles up your ass…

I really think that Meatloaf’s “endorsement” of Mitt Romney was just a piece of performance art meant to embarrass the candidate.

Romney sings that to Ann during sexytimes. Usually while watching himself in the mirror.

:smack: The much-sought Chachi endorsement. Right!

Well if by “cooler” you mean fatter, sweatier and hasn’t put out anything relevant, interesting or new in 20+ years, then sure.

Kid Rock hasn’t put out anything relevant or interesting ever.


Neither has Ann Romney

She doesn’t put out, she puts up with.

Guys and gals… let’s not hijack this thread. This isn’t an argument about a greasy old slimeball vs a younger, substance-free, more popular…
…oh wait.