Mix and match your favorite starships!

All right, here’s your opportunity to take your favorite starships (be they from Star Trek, Star Wars, or Looney Tunes), salvage only the parts that you want, and come up with your own Ultimate Amalgamation Vessel!

I, being the coolest, sexiest, and most scintillating, will go first.

We start off with the framework of a Loronar Strike Cruiser (from Star Wars… I don’t want to deal with the immensity of a Star Destroyer), strip the interior decorating from a Galaxy-class starship and set it into the crew’s quarters (for comfort), mount a holodeck, then get a modern-day server running Linux to CONTROL the holodeck (make sure it doesn’t accidently get taken over by an alien, or that it doesn’t trap the crew in there… I’ll add “No trap crew” in the code :D), then top it all off with a Romulan cloaking device.

There! The penultimate party ship!

What about everyone else? What kind of ship would you make, from the spare parts of other Sci-Fi/Space Opera vessels?

[sup]Can’t believe that I’m the first to repond to this! I read it, and took an hour or so off to think…[/sup]

Gotta go with a combination of the Enterprise from ST:TNG and Gay Deceiver, from Heinlien…

But, I gotta agree about the holodeck: the first time that sucker locked up and endangered the lives of crewmembers, it would be shut down and locked off to all hands!! What the hell was Picard thinking??

Well, I really liked soup_du_jour’s comments in this thread, so I’m going to build off of them:

I’m not familiar with this type of ship (is it from one of the novels?), but it sounds evil. I like it.

Yes. Granted, it’s not really fair to use this in a fight, but who wans to be fair? Just to be safe, I’d add Bistro Math capabilities for when you really want to pour on the speed without risking spontaneous whale generation.

Okay, here’s where we disagree. Nothing wrong with the Force, but if you want pilots, you want Guildsmen (from Frank Herbert’s Dune series). They’re the best hyperspace pilots, bar none, they’ve got that nifty prescience to make things extra unfair, and their very presence makes it tough for opponents to use the same prescience on your ship. Plus, they’ve got those neat contact lenses :). Nothing wrong with packing a few Jedi, though.
Just one thing to add to that: I’m sure that the Empire thinks that its weapons are fine, but why mess with some silly Death Star when you can have the ultimate in destructive goodness: the Reflex Cannon, from the Macross series. Sure, it takes 5 minutes to recharge between shots. Sure, it malfunctions about a third of the time. Even so, the Macross destroyed the entire Zentraedi fleet- with one shot. Nothing beats that.

So, what would we call the hypothetical hybrid monstrosity I’ve dreamed up? Why, the Munchkin, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

My ship?
Well, think a shape and size like a battlecruiser from Starcraft, with an interior something like that Enterprise thing, all plush and comfy. Add the weapons from the ship in Descent (all versions), upgrade the shields a HELL of a lot, stick in cloaking… uuhh…
gotta have a holodeck. Several, in fact. All with privacy features. The difference; a failsafe, circuitbreaker switch that the occupant carries on his or her person that instantly deactivates the holodeck and opens the door. Also, some of those replicator things, with the capability to make anything to any specifications. (Large, pepperoni and bacon. And make it have all essential health requirements.)
And… uhh… the entire thing is made of adamantium! Beat THAT!


This should be pretty fun. First, I would take the Concordia (from Wing Commander II, a computer game). I would keep the phase transit cannon because it kicks ass. I would give it heavy turbolaser and ion cannon batteries, as well as Capital Ship class missiles of various types to help engage multiple capital ships with great effectiveness. It would have point defense laser cannons to defend against fighters and large missiles and torpedoes.

It’s armoring would be the quantum plating armor used on the sun crusher. While this would make this ship incredibly massive and dense, it will be essentially invincible. For good measure it will have various types of shields. It will use the standard shields from Star Wars, as well as phase shields from the Wing Commander series to protect against damage from light scale weapons.

It’s engines will be able to accomodate multiple modes of travel. It will have standard subspace capabilities. It would have the warp technology from Wing Commander 3.
Since it has a fighter bay, it will be customizable to handle almost every variation of fighter and bomber conceivable. The primary fighters it will be equipped for will be Wing Commander fighters, as well as fighters from Freespace II. That includes Kilrathi and Shivan fighters.

Its interior would have redundant computer array systems and at least 3 alternate backups for every critical system on board. This would be to help protect it from ion cannon attacks, as well as equipment failures and malfunctions.

It would have slightly more spacious quarters for military personal, but it would be redesigned to accomodate VIP’s and a large captains quarter. It would have a holodeck system with multiple failsafe devices on a separate machine from the holodeck computer.

Best of all, it would have a huge network of super advanced computers capable of playing all my favorite networkable games. :smiley:

I would name my spaceship Monster’s Penis.

uh… hey man, what’s the general shape of this… Concordia? 'cause you’re scaring me a little bit there.

Well, let’s see…it’s elongated, with a slightly wider front than the main runway neck of the ship. It has a sturdy base-end where the engines are. It’s two miles long, and several hundred meters thick.

Why do you ask?

Start with a hull and skeleton of layered Duranium/Tritanium
alloys, laminated with Neutronium composites. Give it both a Transwarp/Slipstream drive AND Hyperspace jump engines.
THREE Phasing Cloaking devices (one for the warp field, one for the shields, and one skin tight, used in conjunction with the structural integrity field), each cloak independently powered with its own dedicated matter/antimatter reactor…that way the ship can fire weapons while cloaked. Engineer the main deflector dish to channel warp power, as a big warp cannon. Have every sqare inch of this sucker packed with Phaser arrays, disruptor blisters,quantum torpedo tubes, and extra, extra shield emitters. Pack it with subspace transporters, capable of beaming a thousand personel a second, over LIGHT YEARS.Give it the ability to decend and lurk unseen in subspace, like a submarine. Make EVERY deck a holodeck, to configure any interior area instantly into whats needed at that moment. Also, program the computer to generate Emergency Holographic Personel for ALL fields, not just sickbay. Finally, load the docking bays with ten delta fliers.
Call this bitch the ULTIMATUM Class Starship

Gee, Enolan, what if your ULTIMATE ship meets Q? :smiley:

Y’all aren’t thinking widely enough. :slight_smile:

Start with a basic Star Destroyer hull. Because, well, that thing’s large enough to mount pretty much anything.

In the engine room, add the latest in dilithium technology, the M/AM conversion core from the Enterprise-E. Also, add an enhanced stuctural integrity field (also from the Enterprise) to allow this Star Destroyer to, of all things, land.

For propulsion–screw this subspace stuff. Add the gravitic drive from the Far Star in Asimov’s Foundation’s Edge and Foundation and Earth. Integrate this with a Burroughs-Sheffield irrelevant drive as seen in Heinlein’s The Number of the Beast. This puppy can now, pretty much, go anywhere in a split second without much effort or, for that matter, energy expenditure. It also can do so without the nasty after-effects of the Infinite Improbability Drive.

For a computer system, we want something intelligent, fast, and effective, but also with personality. Dora or Athena (cf. Heinlein’s The Cat Who Walks Through Walls) should do well for us.

Shielding. Well, we could pick a lot of interesting shielding. The one set that comes to mind is from the Shivan destroyer Lucifer in the first Descent: Freespace. The humans were never able to penetrate said shields except while the Lucifer was in hyperspace. Sounds good to me.

Weapons: Lord Voldemort and his cohort wielding the Imperius curse. Who needs weapons when you can control the other ship’s captain? Perhaps a few thousand quantum torpedoes for good measure. And K’Z’K (from Sluggy Freelance) and his army of deadels as boarding parties.

And finally, as a maintenance crew, the biots from Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama. Cheap, and efficient.

There. Eight separate universes/storylines. All in one ship. One big, happy family. :slight_smile:

LL <-- who, obviously, reads far too much SF.

Come on, a Lucifer destroyer?? Come on, that’s weak…try the Sathanas-class Dreadnaught from Freespace II. Those things are about 5 times bigger than a Lucifer. (The reason the shields were never breached is because the Terran weapons were weak. In Freespace II they have adapted Shivan technology).

The reason I chose the Wing Commander warp tech is because unlike hyperspace or Warp (ST), this tech opens some type of worm hole from one point to another, traveling any distance instantly. Cool, huh?

I have to go with a Honda Civic with purple neon lights mounted on the undercarriage to light up the roadway.*

As an addendum to my vessel, I would mount a Ludicrosity Drive (from Spaceballs… “Ludicrous speed!”) into my vessel. Sure, it may not take you across the universe instantaneously… but you’re PLAID when you travel!!! You canNOT get any cooler than that!

I need to know, my friend, what kind of weapons are you planning to mount on this bad boy? 'cause this could get ugly…

I’ll begin with a short anecdote from the RW concerning this very topic:

‘Bout a month ago the female-unit and I strolled into the local Disney Store. Near the back they had some actual plastic toys (instead of the piles of stuffed animals). One toy was a little ray-gun of the loud-noise-making variety. But what was interesting was the shape of the thing.

It was exactly the ST:TNG Enterprise with the Millenium Falcon in place of the saucer section. I can’t fathom why they haven’t faced an injunction yet.

Oh, and the final hilarity was that Mickey Mouse was perched in a cockpit on the very top of the thing. The only thing I could think of was that the Falcon’s topside gun turret was stuck directly up Mickey’s ass.

Anyway, back to ship designs:

Base structure is the TARDIS. Infinite number of rooms means I’ll have lotsa places to put my stuff. And, IIRC, it has a whiz-bang shield system. Not to mention that it goes anywhere in the universe instantly but you don’t have the care-and-feeding of a Third Stage Guild Navigator to put up with. I mean have you SEEN the price of melange lately?
Tack on a Gunstar’s “Death-Blossom” weaponry. No, scratch that. Build on a Berserker’s armory (complete with CORRECTLY PROGRAMMED a.i. – I’m not out to destroy life)
For comfort/luxury, the only things I’d want are from ST:TNG – Replicator the makes decent food, and a holodeck for all sorts of fantastical whoopee.

Actually, I’d like to have some of the other technology from Star Trek. Specifically, the technology that happens to appear/get fabricated/get used for the very first time JUST when you need it.

Weapons? Let’s see… chrome trim package, big ass spoiler, racing stripes, a painting of a samurai on the hood uttering a fierce battle cry… oh and a .22 at road level to blow out other cars’ tires.
[sub]I feel compelled to point out that I would never actually be seen driving such an ugly vehicle. I have unfortunately witnessed a Civic with purple neon lights, and it was oddly mesmerizing yet repulsive.[/sub]

Ok, here’s my real choice. Invulnerable is boring, I’ll go for interesting instead.

Start with the SDF-3 and its full complement of Alpha/Beta Veritechs, because Robotech rules. Add extra hangar space and throw in a couple groups of TIE Defenders and Missile Boats, and the Acolyte fighters, Multi-Beam Frigates, and Leech weapons from Homeworld: Cataclysm. The Leeches sneak onto an enemy ship’s hull and vent its energy away into space.

Use Borg implants on the crew for instant communication, but allow for individuality in case someone has good ideas.

Give it the Langston Field from Niven and Pournelle’s The Mote In God’s Eye, with Motie modifications, but keep the point-defense shields also. The Langston Field absorbs the energy of attacks, changing color in the process. It starts out black, so it doubles as a cloaking device. Use Motie Engineers and Watchmakers for repairs, but sterilize them so they don’t breed and take over the ship. Turn down the individuality knob on their Borg implants.

Install the Dr. Device from Card’s Ender’s Game. This weapon disrupts molecular bonds and chain reacts with any matter close enough, but has a slow recharge rate. In the book there was no defense against it, but in this composite universe there might be. On second thought, it sounds a lot like the Reflex Cannon. Hmmm…

Use Star Wars Assault Transports (from the X-Wing computer games) for boarding parties, but instead of Stormtroopers use Warhammer 40K Space Marines. Transporter beams are cheesy.

Broadcast Minmei’s inane musical stylings on all channels, to stun the enemy crews into unconsciousness.

Modify the main engines so they have a purple neon glow, just to get on Mnementh’s nerves. Hyperspace away when he comes after me.