Mixed Drinks with Vodka

A friend gave me a big bottle of good vodka for helping him move. He tells me it is best to drink it chilled from the freezer and sipped. I have tried it and can’t enjoy it that way.

So, what kind of good mixed drinks can I make? I had a bloody may tonight that was not too bad. Tomato juise, tobasco sauce vodka, black pepper and believe it or not a dash of A1 Steak sauce. (I know that sounds odd, but it adds a nice subtle something that I can’t describe.)

White Russian. Kahlua, Vodka and milk or half and half. Delectable. Also a Black Russian, the same with no milk. I’m fond of Vodka and Tonics, and Vodka Martinis (Vodka and a small amount of vermouth, shaken over ice, then strained, add a lemon or lime twist.) Then there’s screwdrivers and stuff like that.

You can mix vodka with just about anything.

Many years ago, and maybe it’s still around, some brand used to have a full page magazine ad with pictures of everthing you could mix it with, and all their cool names. Try a “bullfrog” that’s with lime juice, or how about an “ice pick.” That one is made with ice tea. Oh my.

Start experimenting.

Cranberry juice and vodka (Cape Cod) makes a good combination. Some recipies I’ve seen say add a slice of lime, others say a splash of soda water. The lime does work well with it, the bit of soda water can help mellow out the drink if it’s a really tart/bitter cranberry juice.

Hmmm… maybe I should make one, using some of this white cranberry juice I have laying about.

goes off to experiment

<< Eh. >>

Try it with a little strong lemonade and a twist of lemon–that way the flavor of the vodka won’t be masked.

If it’s really GOOD vodka, don’t drown it.

If you don’t like it neat or simply with an ice cube or two, save it for springtime and mix it with a little tonic and drop in a wedge of lime.

Add a splash of Rose’s Lime Juice for a gimlet!

Or add Triple Sec, cranberry and fresh squeezed lime, shake with some ice, strain, serve in a chilled glass for a yummy Cosmopolitan.

Maybe you wouldn’t want to try this with good vodka, but if you like Dr. Pepper, you’ll love the DVDP, my own addled creation. Just add two shots of vodka to a can of Dr. Pepper (hence the name, Double Vodka Dr. Pepper). The vodka adds a nice bass chord to the treble notes of the Dr. Pepper.

Whizz some up with watermelon and ice on a summers day. Garnish with a mint leaf or two.

Mudslides…Mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm good.

Vodka, kahlua, and Bailey’s in equal parts. For more fun, make frozen mudslides by mixing it into ice cream.

Two parts grapefruit juice, one part voka. I think some people call this a “Greyhound”, but I’m not sure. It is quite good, though.

Or you can throw two shots in with a can of Red Bull. After about 4 of these drinks it starts to feel like a cocaine buzz. (So I’ve heard. :dubious: )

Mudslides – Lynn Bodoni’s favorite drink. I think she prefers the frozen version, too, but she’ll take an unfrozen one in a pinch.

Try making your Bloody Mary with a dash of bitters – that’s pretty cool too. All the other variants that drag it through the garden and across the relish tray are . . . well, if you want a salad, have a salad. Don’t have a salad in your drink.

If you really dislike the taste of straight vodka, maybe you need to make some punches. My local paper had something this weekend in honor of Valentine’s Day that called for a prepared sugar syrup mixed with vodka and champagne. That’s just one of a zillion sorts of things you could do. Want this recipe?

your humble TubaDiva

Vodka with either cranberry or grapefruit juice is my drink of choice. If you can get fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice… Oh baby.

I like Vodka Dews, Mountain Dew and vodka. I discovered tonight when I ran out of Dew that Cherry 7up works well with vodka too.

I like vodka shaken with fresh fruit juice and plenty of ice. For a rather girly but decidely tasty drink, you can mix vodka equally with Midori, coconut liquor and orange juice.

Vodka and Red Bulls are very nice. One of those teensy Red Bull cans pours nicely into a two of whiskey glasses, which you can add a shot each to. Great for sharing.

(mouthbreather: I think the Red Bull/vodka buzz thing is overstated. I had eight or nine cans mixed with vodka at a music festival last year (it was a whole day event) and while I was certainly drunk, it wasn’t anything special.)

If it’s good vodka, don’t mask it with stuff.

If you MUST mix it, simply tonic water and a squeeze of lime juice is perfect.

That’s my drink of choice.

Oh boy. I think I could write a book about things I’ve mixed vodka with. I’ve tried all the sodas, my favorites being ginger ale, Mountain Dew, and Vanilla Coke (not all at once!). I’ve had it with any manner of juice, my favorite being fresh pomegranite juice. I’ve even had vodka and Tang when I was too poor for orange juice.

But most of the time, I just sip it from an tiny cup. Yum!


  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 1 tsp Lime Juice
  • 1/2 oz Triple Sec

Shake all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a glass.

Bloody Mary:

V8 (preferable to regular tomato juice)
Dash of Tabasco
Dash of Worcestershire
Dash of lemon juice
Dash of pepper
Pickle spear
Oh yeah, and vodka

It’s a late-spring kind of drink. Say a May brunch, if you live in a warm part of the world. Also acceptable in mid-autumn, though once it’s too cold to sit outside, one really ought switch to scotch and sodas.

I was exaggerating somewhat, but IME it is a much more peppy, lively high than a normal old vodka drunk. Not ideal in all situations but very fun sometimes.

YDDMMV. (Your drunk driving mileage may vary)