Mixture 79 Tobacco, burn in Satan's pipe for eternity

ughhh. Why did I buy this? In the spirit of trying new things, that’s why. I saw it at the drugstore and figured maybe I should give it a shot…the package looked classy and it wasn’t too expensive. Next thing I know I’m sniffing a package that smells like A & W root beer barrels and hand sanitizer, and it doesn’t taste any better when it’s burning. The worst smoke I’ve ever had.

I can’t even see how this could be an acquired taste…who the hell could ever smoke enough of this to acquire the taste? It’s horrible. Horrible, terrible, awful.

DING! Definition needed on aisle three.

Your title indicates you’re pitting the tobacco. Are you, or are you pitting yourself for wanting to smoke root beer with a clean finish of urinal biscuit, or are you pitting yourself for smoking, when you know that you shouldn’t engage in such evil behaviors. After all, you’re a smart young university person.

Two out of three possible options say you’re a meathead.

Lame pitting, can’t dance to it, I give it a 1. ::thumbsdown smiley::

Aww Christ. I know, I know, smoking is EEEEEVIL and anyone who does it deserves to be killed slowly and painfully. Nevertheless, can the guy enjoy a nice smoke without being moralized at?

Especially given that, compared to smoking and inhaling cigarettes, moderate non-inhalational pipe smoking is pretty damn tame. And even if he’s into chain smoking unfiltered cigarettes, it’s his fucking life and he can risk it as he pleases. In this thread, he ain’t the meathead.

Well, there’s your problem right there. Drugstores are where you buy drugs (yes, and plenty more, I know). But a tobacconist’s is where you buy tobacco.

Find a tobacconist, tell him or her what you like, and see what he or she suggests. They may have something immediately available, or they may be able to hand-blend something to your taste. Either way, it’s worth the trip. Because I discovered the joys of a proper tobacconist years ago, I haven’t had to endure drugstore tobacco for a long time.

Just out of interest, Paul, what kind of tobacco do you like? Maybe I can suggest something.

I buy most of my tobacco from The Briar and Burley (a local tobbaconist, the only one in town.) My regular mix is an aromatic, mostly vanilla black cavendish. Sometimes I’ll smoke a stronger mix of burleys and rum-flavored cavendish.

If I ever see a brand-name tobacco in a package at a drugstore or somewhere, and it’s cheap, I’ll usually try it once. Captain Black Royal is pretty good.

Okay. For the vanilla, you might like to try MacBaren’s Vanilla Cream. It’s not an oppressive vanilla and there is good tobacco behind it, so it’s not like smoking candy floss. Another with a little more vanilla flavour, but with a hint of chocolate as well, is Nat Sherman Blend No. 314.

For the burley/rum mixture, try MacBaren’s Navy Flake. Yes, it’s a flake, so you’ll have to rub it out yourself, but once you get the hang of that, it will provide a nice relaxing smoke. Again, the rum is not oppressive, the burley is naturally mild, and it is a nice, gentle smoke.

Hope these suggestions help. A tobacco you don’t enjoy is not worth it, IMHO.

you have to go and buy tobacco from a classier place, and stop buying them from stores which are nothing but Bambu huts.

If this is supposed to be a pun or something it’s lost on me.