MLB 2020 The (Weird) Postseason

Jose Urias is a stone-cold assassin.

Gonna kiss Urias right on the lips should I ever meet him in person. That was beautiful.

Lol, those boos for Manfred

Kaboom! And the fireworks have started out here in SF Valley!

I’ve lived in a few big sports places: Cubs fan, Phillies phan, Red Sox fan for AL and also for Dodgers. I collected so many team cards and the ‘88 Dodgers was one of my favorite teams to look at.

Moved out here in ‘99. And I root for the home team anyway (unless it’s the Braves or Cowboys😁). Watching this team blow it for three WS was heartbreaking. I am SO GLAD they got their trophy today.

Best to all True Blue Dodger fans! Now let’s close LA for the day. (Except for the fireworks.)

Hell, yes! I was waiting for Kelley and Jansen to show up and blow up. Urías was the king starter this year, and last year somewhat for injured players. He was hands down theIt best all-around pitcher this year.

Well, this edition of the Dodgers (e.g. from roughly 2013 on) was so talented it’d have been a shame/disgrace if they didn’t win at least once, so I’m glad they did.

I do not agree with the choice of Corey Seager as WS MVP.

A great nominee, but Mookie would’ve been a better choice, IMHDOBB.

I’d have chosen Kershaw.

Seager had a great Series, but both his home runs and most of his RBI came in the two games the Dodgers LOST. In a playoff series, you do have to consider whether a player’s production contributed to games they actually won, IMHO. You can’t really say Seager had much of an impact on winning the Series.

Did the people who decide these things just look at his stat line and not even ask themselves how the games went? It matters. If you’re choosing an MVP for the SEASON, it almost certainly is fine to just look at the numbers; the likelihood a guy who bats .300 with 45 bombs will do most of that damage in losses is basically zero. But in a 4-7 game series that’s a thing that really could happen, and Kyle Seager did it.

I’d never really thought about it like this before, but I guess you’re right. On the other hand, a player can only do his best on every appearance at the plate; he can’t control what all the other guys, including his own team’s pitchers, are doing on any given night.

Still Seager went 6-9 with 2HR in losing games, and 2-11 with 6BB in winning games. That’s quite a contrast.

Corey. :slight_smile:

Corey, sorry.

I know Seager can only do his best, but it’s not an award for the guy who tried the hardest. I don’t think of awards as being matters of justice or fairness, they’re awards that should try to observe a record of the facts.

There’s a “Championship Win Probability Added” stat that Baseball Reference tracks, and Seager was the clear leader on the Dodgers. I know that it tracks each of their offensive plays (or pitches, for a pitcher) and how it affects the probability of winning the Series. It does seem that Seager’s biggest moments came in the losses. He certainly helped keep the losses more exciting, that’s for sure - but I probably would have given it to Kershaw as well.

FYI, I started an offseason thread so we can discuss all the post World Series fun.