MLB 2020 The (Weird) Postseason

I forgot that one. That was SUPER weird. It was the right call though.

There were 2 errors charged, right? So this is a first.

Yes, good point. Both Taylor (CF) and Smith (catcher) were charged with errors.

But perhaps somebody can explain the errors to me. Phillips was credited with an RBI, so Kiermaier (the runner at second) scores regardless of the bobble in centerfield. Arozarena scores as a result of the error on the catcher. Did the official scorer rule that Arozarena goes to third because of the bobble in center? Because it sure looked to me like Arozarena would make it to third even if the ball is handled cleanly in center. Or did the fact that Phillips advanced to second figure in the scoring?

I think Arozarena was running on the pitch. He might have made it to 3rd without the error, but not to home. Phillips advancing would also not have happened, so both runners advanced

Arozarena was not running on the pitch, because there was a runner on second. I think he makes it to third without the CF error, and scores on the catcher error. So the center fielder error allowed Phillips to advance to second, I guess.

I was so confused.

“Wheres the runner? Where’s the ball??”

The announcers were no help…that kind of play deserved a “Jays series walk-off against the Rangers” level of excitement.

Replays show that when CF Taylor got hold of the ball (after first booting it), Arozarena was still about 8’ short of 3rd base. You’d certainly think that from shallow right field it should be possible to throw out even a fast runner who’s nearly 100’ from home plate.

I’m surprized the 3B coach decided to send him.

That seems about right. Here’s a screen grab that I took:

You can click here to go to my photo site if you want to see it larger. I’ve put a red circle around Taylor, who is leaning down and is just getting the ball in his hand. Arozarena is just about to round third.

Something that works against the fielder here is that he throws right-handed, and he was running to his left, so when he picked the ball up he had to swivel his body and throw, meaning that he didn’t get all his power into the throw, and the momentum of his body also meant that he was off-target. He ended up hitting the cut-off guy on the infield a few yards outside the direct line to home plate.

It is correct to be aggressive with two out when the runner is the winning run. The likelihood of scoring, even if the ball is shallow, will almost always be higher than the likelihood that the subsequent batter will get a hit. Even in a majors, a shortish throw to a tag play at home is a hard play to execute - any little thing goes wrong, and the runner is safe.

As @mhendo stated, it was a really weak throw from the center fielder. It had to be cut off and relayed home, which of course takes more time. Given the fact that the relay throw was well wide of the plate to the first base side, the runner very well may have been safe.

Obviously it worked out well for the Rays to send the runner.

Well, momentum ends with tomorrow’s starting pitcher. As horrifying as the Game 4 loss was, the Dodgers won Game 5 on a rock-solid performance and are thiiiiis close to winning it all.

Clayton Kershaw, for his career, has a winning record in the playoffs.

Nice throwback moment there, with Manuel Margot channeling Jackie Robinson, even if he didn’t make it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an attempt to steal home live, especially in a World Series.

The 2016 NLCS featured a steal of home.

I saw Raul Mondesi do it live. It happens so fast that you only pick up what’s happening halfway through.

It was amazingly lucky that I got to see that, because it’s incredibly rare; I believe only four Blue Jay players have ever done it, and that’s in 44 years of team history.

When I was a wee tad (1958 I believe) I was at a Cleveland Indians game. Vic Power stole home sometime during the game. He then stole home a second time in extra innings (11th I believe) with the wining run. That was quite some game.

Found the game log and you remember correctly: it happened August 14, 1958 against the Tigers.

Here we go again with a Dodger bullshit-pen game. :roll_eyes: they should keep three pitchers warming up at all times.

I miss pitchers hitting. I hope the NL drops the DH after this season.

I don’t. Keep the DH in both leagues. In this era of specialisation, there’s no real pitch hit or not for a hot pitcher strategy.

Woooo! Dodgers win!