MLB 2021 Playoffs

In the 4 games of the Giants - Dodgers there have been no lead changes. The team that score firsts, wins.

This must make for boring viewing for those without a rooting interest (although Game 3 was a classic nail-biter down to the last pitch).

What’s with these stupid “Pennant Chase” t-shirts that division series winners are wearing?

Also, TV directors who insist on shot after shot of praying fans in the stands (Fox has historically been the greatest offender) should be put in the stocks. Focus on cheering fans instead.

Fox also insists that every exciting play, with shots of jubilant teammates, must have an equal number of shots of distressed losers in the dugout.

It’s their idea of “Fair & Balanced.”

Thursday’s game will be exceptional, no matter who wins it.

This 2021 season cements the great rivalry between these teams. The Dodgers dominated last night. Congratulations on that win.

Thursday’s game will be one for the ages. Julio Urías and Logan Webb, they can both command and dictate from the mound, as we have recently seen.

Who’s it going to be? Only one team can advance.

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That’s easy the team with the most runs scored and least runs allowed in the series. Right now the Dodgers are ahead 16-9.

That’s how it works, right? Right?!?

Everybody recalls that in the 1960 World Series, the Yankees crushed the Pirates 55-26.

I still can’t believe that the Pirates missed two extra points!

Milwaukee hit .233 during the regular season, which might be a live ball era record for the lowest batting average by a playoff team.

The Brewers actually finished sixth in the NL in runs scored, but were eighth in OBP and eleventh in SLG, which would strongly suggest their offense was actually kind of lucky to score as many runs as they did. It is not a huge surprise they coughed out in the playoffs.

Uhh… no.

Damn, I guess Urias will just have to do it the old fashioned way then.

Go Blue!

I guess not Urias. I’m not generally a fan of an opener so hopefully this goes well.

With Urías now in and pitching well, and Webb pitching well, this is now the tense, low-scoring game we expected. So far.

Really enjoying watching excellent postseason baseball without the stress of worrying about the outcome. I don’t see a lot of NL games, so what the hell happened to Bellinger? How did he turn into his dad?


“Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?”

These ball and strike calls are creative, to put it diplomatically.

I haven’t checked, but it feels like the Giants are batting .000 with RISP in the series.

Robot umpires now, please.


Is there any realistic prospect of this happening anytime soon?

Go Blue!