MLB 2021 Playoffs

Max Scherzer is amazing

You would think the umpire brotherhood would have an unwritten rule: don’t end a game —much less a post season series—on a check swing appeal. If the plate ump didn’t see a swing, you didn’t either, base ump.


Go Blue!!!

Very happy for Dodgers. It’s my home now (for 20 years :grin:), and I’ll always root for the home guys.

What a series and what a game! Two best teams in baseball, no previous playoff series together, cool history happening.

I think we’re looking at a rematch with Red Sox and the Blue.

I’m a Dodgers fan and I feel we were cheated out of a clean win.

was there any doubt to anyone outside of SF about the outcome?

well ok there was for a tiny bit …

Playoffs are over for me. I hate the remaining 4 teams. I suppose I hate the Braves least but they are unlikely to beat the Dodgers.

I think so but the Braves played at a 98 win pace in the 2nd half. Of course a lot of that was against the NL East . They did win 2 of 3 against the Giants but got swept by the Dodgers. I would probably hate the Dodgers but they are my Mom’s team

wow i have no words to describe the wrong in this article …

Oof, what a terrible call. Still, Scherzer probably frosts the cake anyway.

Now, I don’t care if it’s the Braves or Dodgers…whichever, you must stomp hard on the winner from the Cheaters Prosper series.

This my opinion on the blown call. Even if the ups had ruled differently the game would have been over in the next pitch or two. That crew was terrible in general and I hope we don’t see them again until next season.

Agreed. Still, I’ve seen enough of that particular umpire.

I don’t really like the remaining teams either, but maybe the Dodgers beating the tar out of Houston in a revenge Series would be fun?

No “maybe” about it. I smile when I visualize 56,000 Dodger fans all beating on trash cans every time an Asterisk comes to bat.

Yuck. Two teams I hate in the AL. Guess I’ll be rooting for LA, at least their fans don’t do that silly chop thing.

It’s too bad LA and SF couldn’t meet in the NLCS. A seven game series with them would have been something. I still think they need to have the #1 seed play the remaining team with the worst record, not necessarily the wild card.

Good. I hope your victory tastes like ashes and wormwood in your mouth.

j/k. Good game, good series. Other than Game 1 (which fortunately is the one I attended in person) the Giants bats were stone cold against Dodger pitching.

It would make for a better playoff to seed after the wild card game instead of before, but I like that winning a division is given a lot of weight. The Dodgers couldn’t win the division, so we didn’t deserve to get a better seed.

I loved the series we just played. Had the feel of old-time games, where every at-bat was a critical point that could determine the outcome.

Mmm, ashes of victory /homer simpson

Wow. Watched the replay 30 times. That was not a swing. :grin: Yikes.

I guess I’d rather the Dodgers had not won on a bad call. I’m still excited that they are advancing. :grin:

Living in California on the Dodger/Giant borderline, I am pretty impressed with the Dodger and Giant fans on on FB and Insta feed. After all of the shit talking, everyone is being very gracious with Dodger fans conceding the shitty call and Giant fans saying that they probably would have lost anyway.