MLB fan catches 3 foul balls in the same game

A fan attending the Oakland A’s - Atlanta Braves game today caught three foul balls. In the same game. Two were on consecutive pitches! I have no idea what the odds are on this, but I’ve been to hundreds of MLB game and never caught a bad during play. (Caught a few in batting practice)

A quick search shows it has ben done before, but it’s till incredibly rare.

I was at a game in Cleveland many years ago when a fan got three. He didn’t catch them all on the fly though. I also saw it in a Televised game (or more likely a highlight they showed of another game during the one I was watching a few years ago.

There was once a woman who caught two foul balls in the same Richie Ashburn at-bat. Unfortunately for her, they were not caught with a glove.

As long as it wasn’t Zack Hample, kewl.

When Richie Ashburn hit the second ball towards the woman, he was quoted as saying, “And stay out of here”. :smiley:

I was at that game and saw the catches. The guy was one section away from me. Two of the catches were on consecutive pitches.

Impressive. I’ve yet to snag one in an actual game, but when I was a kid, I once got six foul balls in batting practices in back-to-back games at old Comiskey Park. (Three one day, three the next.) This was not really that impressive a feat, though, as games were fairly sparsely attended back then, and I had figured out there was a spot down the third base line that foul balls seemed to cluster to. (And only two, maybe three were on the fly. Rest were bouncers.)

I caught two in one game, personally, but it was a Danville Braves game. They’re a rookie league affiliate of the Atlanta Braves that played (and I think still play) in Pulaski, Virginia.

Surely the Danville Braves play their home games in, uhm, Danville?

Actually I know they do. I’ve been to games there. Is there a team in Pulaski they play against?

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When I saw them they played home games in Calfee Park, in Pulaski. This would have been 1985/86.