MLB: July

It’s nice to have a team back in rivalry with the Giants. I mean, besides Kershaw kicking Lincecum’s butt in every head-to-head meeting, there hasn’t been much for us in southern part of the state the last few seasons.
And so, yes, the Giants suck!

1-0 Reds so far due to The Freak’s throwing error…

And Bailey has a perfecto through 6.

And finishes with a no-hitter (with 1 walk).

Of course, there should probably be an asterisk next to this one, because the Cincinnati All-Star Little League Team could beat the Giants 3 out of 4 right now…

That was purrrty.

Kershaw gets a complete game shutout over the Rockies, and the Dodgers are starting to look like what we expected at the beginning of the season. This time Puig was missing only a triple in his hunt for the cycle.

You forgot the part where the Dodgers are no longer in last place in the division. But I don’t want to say who is on the very off chance that some fans of that mysterious and unnamed team might happen to occupy this thread.

At any rate, thanks to yet another Diamondbacks loss, the spread for the entire NL West is down to 3 games. I wonder how late in the season there has ever been a spread for an entire division that small.

Damn, last night was good. Puig not only is great at the plate but he made a nice grab near the wall last night. Kershaw was still throwing 93 mph heat with over 100 pitches last night and of course making people look silly when he dropped that 75 mph curve in there behind it.

Oh and when the no hitter happened the whole stadium cheered. You got to love when hate brings people together.

Oh ya, we’re not the basement dwellers and if we win tonight we’ll be in second in the division. That being said my ticket for tonight was stolen from me by my future brother in law since apparently school is more important than baseball and I need to go to class tonight.

Don’t worry, those folks are all off sitting in a corner quietly sobbing to themselves right now.

Dangit. Seems I picked a bad night to catch up on Mad Men instead of watching the Reds.

Indeed. But as a White Sox fan, I picked the right season to start sniffing glue.

It was a good one. And winning two in a row after such an awful June is heartening. Look at the end of July for the Reds. It’s a murderer’s row and a long, long west coast road trip. I think the Reds season is going to hinge on a successful road trip out there, where they typically play really poorly.

Okay, I officially need a second favorite team to follow this year. The Nats are just killing me inside.

I have a feeling neither of our teams are going to be the one to finish in the basement this season. Patience, grasshopper.

You can follow the Giants…after you claw your eyes out and smash your head into the wall, then your outside will match :slight_smile:

It is of *some *comfort to know that even though the team is currently in the basement due to being completely unable to pitch, hit, or field, they’re only one good weekend series away from being in first place.

Did the crack Reds broadcasting team find some way to diss Bailey because he was less than perfect on the way to his no-hitter?

I was watching a weekend game where Cozart couldn’t get a sac bunt down and ended up striking out, and got slammed for it. Apparently there is no excuse, ever, for not bunting successfully (he did have a sacrifice bunt earlier in the game).

Edgy or stupid - you decide.

Yay! last night the Tigers actually got a winning run after the 7th inning, and Scherzer going for 13-0 tonight.

Bailey actually refused to do an interview with the radio broadcasting team last night. I don’t live in Cincinnati, but apparently that (and Bailey accidentally letting a profanity slip out during an interview he did give) are getting as much talk as his no-hitter is. Marty Brennamen is deservedly a hall-of-fame play-by-play man, but he has turned into a grumpy old man and I am afraid that the way he has run down Bailey in his time here will keep us from re-signing him. Marty has really seemed to have a problem with Jay Bruce also.

The TV team is not quite as bad at criticizing the players, but you can hear it from time to time, and Thom Brennamen’s criticisms are usually exactly the same as his father’s. But in all fairness, for as much as Dusty Baker loves to bunt (even often with the number two hitter in the first inning), the Reds are not very good at it. So it wan’t just one instance that they were responding to.

I much prefer Thom and the Cowboy on TV to Marty and anyone else these days on the radio.

Reds blow a HUGE scoring chance with runners on first and third in the fifth with no outs, and Votto, Phillips and Bruce all strike out badly. Bummer deal.

It’s just amazing how much Emilio Bonifacio sucks. Really, the stats are bad, but you have to see him in person to appreciate the suckosity.

Extra innings here. Starting to run out of pitchers…