MLB managerial retreads. Part 2

OK, Bobby Valentine was a bust. The stupidity of the hire was enormous. Now this article:–mlb.html

Yea, let’s bring back a lousy manager with a losing record, a horrible personality and who hasn’t managed in eight years to solve the enormous problems of this franchise. Sounds good to me. Some team has to hold down last place.

Why this guy would even be given an interview is beyond comprehension.

Are we looking at BVII but even more anemic?

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

OK. So now explain to the rest of us clueless ones why this guy should be even be considered to be the resolution to the problems of that franchise. Don’t just throw out a stupid whatever that pretends to sound profound and which isn’t. Tell us something.

You are so damn smart. You know Latin. You must know everything. Make the case for Larry Bowa or just tuck tail and go away. Again, make your case. Tell us specifically why a guy like Larry Bowa should be seriously considered for the managerial job of a MLB franchise that is part of a multi-billion dollar industry.

Replies like yours are beyond annoying and beneath contempt. You are one of too many people that like to pretend to be smart and know nothing. Pretension is not a virtue.

Now report me and Pit me.

Bowa is a known quantity. The reason why managers and coaches are endlessly recycled is because they bring no surprises. Larry Bowa is a safe, unspectacular hire, and if things go badly it will come out that he just didn’t mesh with the culture or some nonsense like that and then it’ll be onto the next retread.

The alternative is to take a chance on a rookie manager/coach. When it works it’s legendary, when it doesn’t everybody asks what the hell they were thinking pissing away years of prime production on an experiment.

Also, you never know when you will strike gold. Tony LaRussa was a dog of a manager until the Yankees hired him. Maybe it’ll happen with one of the long-time, known-quantity journeyman managers, right?

So I ask you, who sould they hire? Some unknown Triple-A manager who bounced around the minor leagues for the last decade? A former player with managerial aspirations? Or a guy like Bowa who has demonstrated an ability to manage a team to mediocrity and with a few career years from his players can catch lightning in a bottle?

And, of course, an interview is not the same as a hire. Rather than getting worked up about it, why not wait and see who they do hire before going crazy over who they don’t?

I meant to say Joe Torre, not Tony LaRussa, thought LaRussa was a dog in his own right in Chicago. The point is, sometimes you get it just right. maybe Bowa will be that guy. Guillen certainly wasn’t.

He doesn’t have to report you. I’ll just warn you myself. If you don’t like what he said, rebut it instead of insulting him.

Casey Stengel was a retread who in nine years had only finished over .500 once (.507) and whose teams never made it out of the second division. So there was absolutely no reason to hire him for the 1949 Yankees; he’d never make it into the Hall of Fame as a manager, that’s for sure.

Bobby Cox failed at Atlanta and was fired. There was no reason for the Braves to bring him back. How good could he be?

As for Valentine, he took a so-so Mets club to the World Series, is the only manager to take them into the postseason two years in a row, had a respectable .534 W-L with them (third highest in team history), and is #2 in team managerial wins. Seems to me that clearly made him a good candidate for any managerial job.

LaRussa was not a “dog” in Chicago. Look up the 1983 White Sox. Best record in the league. He was obviously a great manager that worked for a franchise that had limited resources. When the resources and the talent aged beyond the other teams in the league he took an undeserved fall. Anybody that had any real insight into baseball recognized his firing as a huge mistake. I hated that firing. It happened due to ignorant fans and a Cubs favoring press that demonized him for their own agenda. He proved them all wrong in Oakland and St. Louis.

If the Marlins were bringing in LaRussa I would totally understand. Totally!!! Lary Bowa or Bobby Valentine are not Tony LaRussa. Also, you can’t compare the Yankees to any other team. The resources they have put them on a totally different plain. With the team that Torre had, Sarah Palin could have done just about as well and she’s about the most ignorant piece of waste on the planet.

Marley, give me a break. The response to the OP was totally inappropriate. The OP was to provoke a discussion about a current, developing event that had relevance to a recent Red Sox fiasco. Did the response to the OP state any case? Is fire with fire forbidden? Where was his rebuttal? Have I received a warning for calling out someone who gave a stupid response? I guess it’s like with referees the original foul is OK, its the retaliation that gets called.

And Airman, I’m not “worked up” I’m just amazed that he would even begin to get the least bit of consideration. Again, RETREAD.

On the other hand, the Colorado Rockies have interviewed Jason Giambi, who has never coached a game at any level, and Walt Weiss, who’s coaching resume consists of coaching his son’s high school team, for their manager position.

It wasn’t totally inappropriate. I agree it probably would’ve come across as less dismissive if he had elaborated and explained himself, but what he said was on topic, and for what it’s worth it’s also an accurate description of a flaw in your reasoning. He did not insult you and you insulted him.

I’m not intending to belabor this and I’m looking to get an official warning or get banned. I’ve been on my best behavior for quite awhile.

As to the flaw in my reasoning, I posted a thread when Bobby Valentine got hired about bringing in retreads. I thought that the OP would be recognized for the vindication of me for having posting that thread before the Red Sox fiasco unraveled. I guess that nuance got lost. Bad me, but there is a connection and that’s where I was coming from.

Anyway, let’s move on. Larry Bowa should just sell used cars, not manage a major league franchise. He’s already failed at that. Why should the Marlins go down the same road as the Red Sox did with disastrous results. That’s my whole point.

I agree Bowa is a weird, weird choice. He hasn’t managed in eight years and I don’t recall anyone thinking he was any hot shit when he did manage.

But Bowa is one of those guys who seems to have an aurea of mystique around him. He’s the Wiry, Fiery Little White Guy Who Isn’t A Complete Idiot, and guys like that are favourites to become managers. He has always been, to me, bafflingly respected. He won Manager of the Year going 86-76 with what looks to me like a damned talented team. He’s well known as a huge asshole. Why?