MLB: May 2015

The Houston Astros are the hottest team in baseball. And it’s not just the first day of the season.

How did your team fare after Month One?

Well, only since you asked: St. Louis currently has the best record in MLB, thanks partly to good pitching and a couple guys named Matt who are having really good seasons so far. It remains to be seen how well the former will hold up without Adam Wainwright.

My team, who was the bettors’ favorite to win the World Series, and who are 10-13 right now?

Here’s my report: Well, it’s still early.
/End of report.

The NLWest is looking like it should: Dodgers on top, Giants on the bottom and the Padres actually looking like a team for the first time in years.

That Nats feel like they’re sleepwalking through the early part of the season. Offense was the concern before the season and remains so.

The Red Sox are ho hum, which is about what I expected. Hanley Ramirez is comfortable in Fenway, so that’s nice. 10 HRs through April with no other XBH.

What I’m happiest to see in the first month, just as a baseball fan, is Giancarlo Stanton. I was really curious how he’d respond after getting cracked in the face last year. Looks like he didn’t miss a beat.

Meanwhile, the Indians are…well, they’re glad April is over. The good news is that they don’t have the worst record in the majors. And their radio announcers have been stellar thus far!

Seriously, though, despite playing in a tough division, I don’t think the Indians are as bad as they’ve been playing. Both the starting pitching and the bullpen have been under-performing, but I’m really hoping that doesn’t last.

The Nats had a rough April, but they’re showing signs of life. They won last night’s game against the first place Mets*, let’s see if they can do it again.

*The Mets are one of those teams I don’t begrudge their success, but Go Nats!

The White Sox are 8-11 and getting worse. In the last two games, with their best pitchers pitching, they lost 8-2 and 12-2. Last night they backed their pitcher with two errors, two ghastly misplays (both by CF Adam Eaton) that weren’t scored as errors, and a passed ball. Their base-running is hideous and they have no power at all except for Jose Abreu. It doesn’t look good.

I hope we can talk about the DH in this month’s thread!

Please, please don’t talk about the DH in this month’s thread.

I am over April. Also over Sports Illustrated.

My defending AL Champs ended April as current top team in the AL (tied).

Nice 1-0 win for Lester today and Russell had his first home run.

Maybe it’s just my bar buddies and coworkers , but there’s some serious excitement over the Cubs. Bulls and Blackhawks advance in the playoffs and still lots of hardball talk going on

Oakland A’s are tied for the worst record in the AL. I knew this was coming when they sold off all of their decent, and fan favorite, players.

Giants aren’t on the bottom, they’re in 4th place.

Huh. I just looked on and saw Holliday’s OBP is .500 (!), good for first in the NL, and Carpenter’s SLG is .651, second in the NL. I knew they were both doing well, but those numbers surprised me a bit.

5:56pm on the first of May - name a team in the NLWest with a worse record.

Last, as it should be. :wink:

Well, Alex Rodriguez tied Willie Mays for career home runs today, so the month is certainly off to a shitty start…

Yeah, Matt (Carpenter), who had 55 doubles in 2013, had 13 in April and one more tonight. Puts him on a pace for about 100.

It won’t happen, of course, but it certainly is fun while it lasts.

Agreed. Sad way to win the game for a Yankee fan.

Fuck it. What’s a Yankee fan supposed to do? Hope he strikes out? I’ve never rooted against a Yankee player, even that asshole Clemens. So hit the cover off the ball, Alex.

If you need a pound of flesh, hey, at least he lost 25 million last year. His hips will probably give out sooner rather than later, anyway.