MLB Starting Rotation: Most Career Victories

Here’s an obscure trivia question for that ultimate sport of obscure trivia:

The NY Yankees entered the post-season with a 4 man starting rotation that had cumulative career totals of 858 victories. (They missed having 3 200 game winners by 1 victory, and 4 150 game winners by 2 victories). Has any other pitching rotation ever sported better or even comparable numbers?

I would imagine if you expanded it to the entire pitching staff you might match it more easily, as there have been instances of great pitchers hanging around in bit roles at the end of their careers. But if it can’t be matched on a stating basis, let’s try total staff.

1966 LA Dodgers:

Sandy Koufax: 165 career wins
Don Drysdale: 209
Claude Osteen: 196
Don Sutton: 324

Total: 894

That’s not what I mean. Those guys eventually totaled that many wins, but they didn’t have them at the time. Especially Sutton.