MLK Day suggestion/ help requested

The King family and activists are calling for action to overcome Republican (and some Democratic) opposition to voting rights legislation.

Monday is MLK day, and I thought of setting up a letter-writing station where people could send a letter their (or any) Congress critter. I envisioned providing two or three pre-printed letters that people could sign, or they could write their own. If people in different cities got on board, we could be talking about a lot of letters.

Problem is, whenever I try to write a letter, it always devolves into a spittle-flecked diatribe, usually concluding with something along the lines of “I hope you have an unusual death.”

I’m a long-time lurker. I usually don’t chime in because anything I have to say has almost always been said already, and stated much better than I ever could. So I am asking if you fine folks could suggest some more appropriate verbiage. I was thinking of three motifs: “Civil”, “Concerned”, and “Angry.”

Now, I live in Massachusetts, so writing Liz Warren or Ed Markey, or Ayanna Presley would be preaching to the choir, so I would also ask for a list of the most egregious congressional Quislings.

Thanks in advance to everyone.