Mmm . . . I 'll be sure to do that.

I was just clearing some faxes out of the machine. Subscription renewals, etc. One of the faxes has a form cover page that says, “Please call if you do not receive this fax transmission.”

Presumably I should just know when someone’s trying to send me a fax. :smack:

How about the ones that come through and they say “Please call if you do not receive this fax correctly” and there’s no phone number, no nothing on it. Not even their fax number. :smack:

I’d be curious to see how the sender would respond were you to call. “Yes, hello. The fax you sent me? I didn’t get it.”

Well, not to be a spoilsport, but they could mean more along the lines of what Anaamika said. Call if you didn’t get it corectly, or is messed up, or someting.

I guess I can share what happened yesterday in this thread. Someone faxed me the confidential medical records of some guy. The really bizarre things were
a) they had no reason to be faxing us, we had no liasons with this company
b)the fax numbers were not remotely similar.

Hmm. No matter what I do, “Liason” doesn’t look like it’s spellled right. Sorry.

Liaison. You’re welcome. :smiley: