Mmmmm . . . Black-and-White Cookies . . .

Are these just a “New York thing,” or do they have them elsewhere? Can’t resist 'em. Even better after a few minutes in the freezer (them, not me). They are my downfall.

Look to the cookie.

(yay I’m first!)

They’re a bit of a grey item here.

There is a deli that sells them here, but they must be some kind of cheap knockoff because the only thing remarkable about them is that they are remarkably unremarkable. They seem like little discs of devil’s food cake with flavorless white & dark brown (not black!) icing.

Well, yeah, that’s about the size of it, really . . . But they’re good!

The Amish make a cake/cookie thing called Whoopie Pies that sound similar. Still rather have an oatmeal raisin cookie anyday.:wink:

The Amish make “Whoopie Pies?” That I’d like to see . . .

Mmm… black and white cookiers. I can get some imitation ones here on the west bank of the Hudson. Gotta get myself into the city sometime soon to get the real stuff.

Now the real question is, what is the proper way to eat them? Black first? White first? An equal amount from each side?

auntie em made some of those for the Kansas City Dopefest. It was a hot and sticky day, and the black half melted while the white half stayed solid. It was kind of messy.

Also, EnderW24 ended up taking one and smearing it all over his face. There’s pictures of it floating around somewhere.

I first saw them in the bakeries in Berlin.

The nickname for them in Germany (or at least in Berlin) is “Ami’s”…short for “Americans” because after the war, with the black and white GI’s…well, you get the picture.

The woman at the local neighborhood bakery always got a kick out of the fact that I, the local “Ami”, liked “Ami’s”.

A bakery near us has something called “black and white cookies,” but they’re not quite what you’re describing. It’s dark chocolate cookies with great big chunks of dark chocolate and white chocolate in them. They’re among my favorite cookies ever.

Damn. Now I really want them, and the bakery is closed. Curse you, Eve!