In a few minutes, DrLoveGun will bring me home a milkshake from work. A mocha one.

I am bouncing with anticipation. This’ll cure the PMS!

Why do I do this? Why, why, why?

I’m stuck at work with nothing better to eat than Rolaids and old coffee. So what do I do? Read about other people’s yummy treats. Mmmmm, mocha milkshake.

I had a chocolate malt last week. It was awesome, especially because the ice cream was still so thick that the straw was a pain to use. But when the ice cream’s that thick, you must use the straw. If you drink it instead, it all ends up coming out of the glass in one big glop.

Then there’s the chocolate peanut butter milkshakes. Those I could have every day until I was like that kid in Willy Wonka that puffed up and turned purple and floated away.

Really? They cure PMS? Damn. I need the recipe for when Nunavut Girl gets all uppity. Gimmie!

My milkshake was just here. Now it is in my belly. I am satisifed with my dairy filled chocolatey treat.

You may all rest easy now.

I think the real secret is riding 3 miles with it hanging from the handlebars of my bike. Just chocolate and coffee ice cream, milk and shake. Thats it.

I read this almost as a song lyric:

Those I could have
Every single Day

Until I was like
That Kid in Willy Wonka

Puffed up, turned purple
and floated away

I used to make my milkshakes in the blender, until Mr. S showed me a better way. Scoop ice cream into a large glass, pour milk over it, add flavoring as desired, moosh it up with your spoon. Nice and chunky, like when you leave the skins on for mashed potatoes – lots more texture. Yum!

I love Steak ‘n’ Shake. They have the best milkshakes around, although I haven’t had one in forever. Their cookies and creme shake is outstanding, and the strawberry is pretty damn fantastic as well. Mmmm, milkshakes…

As it happens, I used to make milkshakes for Steak 'n Shake. The cookies and cream shake is just a vanilla shake with crushed Oreos in it. Now, I’m willing to admit that it didn’t occur to me prior to that job to put strawberries and syrup into a standard strawberry milkshake, so I can’t act like those are simply ho-hum.

The secret to the Stake 'n Shake shake, as a side note, is that they are made from an unflavored shake-base and then have the flavorings added as syrups.

Mmm, unflavored shake-base…

Band name!

Great. Now I have a craving for a shake. I guess it is Fuddruckers for lunch.

Sounds like a boy brought your milkshake to the yard.

You bastard! My favorite restaurant! Best burgers, best onion rings, and pretty kick-ass shakes in their own right. Assemble a Louburger for me!

Pretend it’s a partially melted malted sundae and use a spoon.

A pox on you all. Now it’s a stop a checkers for me and a huge tub of banana shake goodness.

Well, I’m happy to say you inspired me to go to Fuddrucker’s for dinner. I didn’t get a milkshake, but I did devour a one-pound burger loaded with pico de gallo, jalapenos, cheese sauce, and barbecue sauce (plus onion rings), and then sat through Batman Begins without missing anything for a bathroom break.

My daughter works at Steak 'n Shake. Unfortunately, she’s in Orlando, 800 miles from us. So it doesn’t do me a lot of good. However, there’s a local diner with a 50s motif that makes shakes the old fashioned way. I haven’t ordered one yet, but they look so good, next time we go there… I’m thinking Bert’s for dessert tonight. :smiley:

Which one? I’m just curious, because I know a married couple who works as managers for Steak 'n Shake here in Orlando.

FABULOUS!!! I read this thread right after dinner, sitting and wondering what to do next before going off to the hill to watch a band.

Now I know.

It’s off to Steak and Shake.

My husband bought me a Milkshake Maker. Sure, I have to make the milkshakes myself, but it only takes 5 mins. I’ve been living off of mocha shakes and coffee shakes. Which probably explains why I’m posting at 1:20 a.m.