MN Doper Encounter Minutes


Yep, that’s right. Just the two of us. More than a month after I started the “Minnesota Dopers?” topic and a week after an attempt by Lumpy to get us together (see ), rubes and I said, “Screw it!”

Yesterday, purely by chance, we met on Opal’s new chat page (see ). We spoke on the phone and quickly realized that we work relatively close to each other, on opposite sides of downtown Minneapolis! So we decided to cut out early from work and meet at TGI Friday’s in the City Center.

I got there at 3:50 PM and rubes arrived just a couple minutes later.

All right, you single ladies out there. I’m a happily married woman, but I can still appreciate a good-looking and intelligent man. rubes is definitely both! With a “kick-ass black leather jacket” (his words, but I agree), spiky blond hair and an Egyptianesque braid behind his left ear, he’s the funkiest 30-year-old I know. A great smile and sparkly blue eyes hint at his fantastic sense of humor before he even opens his mouth. Here’s the kicker, girls: He can roll his Rs like nobody’s business.

You heard it here first.

I had to catch my bus at 4:25 PM so we didn’t have long to talk, but we made the most of the time we had. Potent potables: I had a Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss with a lemon, rubes had a couple of screwdrivers. Topics included: The Straight Dope, the SDMB, rubes’ nickname, our jobs, our origins and only two Dopers: Coldfire and OpalCat.

We hate you both. :slight_smile:

rubes graciously walked me to my bus stop… and there we parted.

I had a great time and fervently hope that we’ll be able to get all of the MN Dopers together soon!

It is much easier to see ourselves as better than or even worse than, rather than accepting that we simply are. - John “The Penguin” Bingham

Goodness me… are there any states left in the US where I HAVEN’T been mentioned ?

I’m sure it was all about my eloquent behaviour in Chat Rooms though :wink:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Coldy, you caught us at whispering yesterday so we had to talk about you!

One question did come up. We were wondering, are you a native of the Netherlands? I know you speak several languages but your English is perfect, slang and all. Are you an American transplant? What’s the story?

100% Kaaskop (“cheesehead”, nickname for Dutch people) here.

I learned my English in school from age 12 onward, and from all the American crap we get on TV here of course :wink:
Seriously, the education has a lot to do with it. They’re teching 7-year olds English in school now, which is great, I think. It’s not like anyone is going to understand Dutch when we’re abroad… except for the former collonies, that is.

But I do have a slight talent for languages and there’s nothing I enjoy more than learning the colloquial language rather than the text book version… you can’t REALLY learn a language from a book, speaking it often is the only way.

I also work with a lot of Brits and Americans (and some Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis, etc…), so I get my fair share of slang in various varieties. The first language in my workplace is English, even though I am working in Amsterdam, at the Head Office of a Dutch bank.

Deos taht exsplane wy me Englisch is so good ?
And thanks for the compliment, BTW :wink:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Coldfire, I’m originally from Wisconsin and they often call me a cheesehead, too.

Cantheary, I’m still blushing over here. I will be going into work later on today for a meeting.

Only two people?

Jeez… Still, did Satan come up?


Yer pal,


I think you came up, or at least your nick did. It was a very short encounter, and quite spur of the moment. We are doing it again tonight at Joe’s Garage, so I’ll be sure to put in a plug for you.

I saw your national tour is stopping short of the twin cities, too bad.

Canthearya, we’re still on for tonight, right?

Ah dammit.

I feel like crap. I spoke too soon and cannot make it tonight. I got a message from Rysdad and he can’t make it either.

Can we try again?