MNF question - who is the sideline reporter with gray hair and accent?

See title.

I’ve never seen this guy before… I’ll admit to not paying much attention to MNF when I’ve had a chance to watch it… but it’s like listening to Jackie Stewart during a Wide World of Sports broadcast in the 70’s.

Anyone know?

Apparently, no one knows.

I did a search on ESPN’s site, and I couldn’t find anything. So, if anyone has anything on the guy, let us know.

John Sutcliffe

Bite your tongue, Jackie Stewart kicked ass. Racing coverage hasn’t been the same without him.

It was a good effort by ESPN to have him there but…I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again on MNF any time soon. He seemed more out of place than the average sideline reporter (which is pretty darn out of place as it is).

It’s interesting that a native of Mexico City has the very British sounding moniker of “John Sutcliffe”, but it’s also kind of cool in a way.

Thank you.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that was a bit confused by his part on MNF either, based on the article you linked to.

I take it he is a spanish speaking announcer then, for the Desportes channel?

I don’t understand the idea, then. he didn’t speak spanish as far as I remember anyway, and without that, he really has nothing special to add to the broadcasts. Other than he wasn’t Pam Oliver (man what an ugly woman), so he had that going for him.

So, he’s from Mexico City, is on the Desportes Channel, and he speaks spanish? Or is he a transplant to Mexico City? his name (john sutcliff) indicates he probably speaks English as a first language and was why he sounded like Jackie Stewart?

Since Jackie Stewart was Scottish, why is it hard to believe that someone who speaks English as a first language might sound like Jackie Stewart?

According to his bio on ESPN’s site, he’s a native of Mexico City. Assuming that that’s his given name, I’d guess that his parents (or further-back ancestors) moved to Mexico City from an English-speaking country.

I used to work with a guy named Paul Bergkamp – nice Germanic-sounding name, and, in fact, he was a cousin to Dutch soccer star Dennis Bergkamp. However, Paul was born and raised in Colombia – his parents had emigrated there from the Netherlands before he was born.

Especially since the average sideline reporter is a woman these days? Why is that?

Seems sexist to me, combined with the fact that there are no women in the booth.

Why is that? Because some pinhead exec. got a bug up his ass (or was threatened with a lawsuit) for not having any women on the broadcast team. So they stuck women on the sidelines to get them on the team and bore the crap out of the viewers. Except when a drunken Joe Namath wanted to kiss Suzy Kolber, who allegedly plays for the other team anyway. Now that was compelling TV!

I have to sit through him all the time, because I live in Costa Rica … so I get the Mexican ESPN … he is the sports commentator DEVIL! I F*&King hate his giant head and squeaky voice. Here is a good meme of his English presentations -

Maybe the regular girl didn’t want to say Redskins on the air.

This is probably fodder for another thread. IMHO, they need the eye-candy somewhere on the screen. It’s like “Honey, no one cares what you have to say, just stand on the sideline looking pretty and say something to chew-up a few seconds. Oh, and don’t get hit with a football, mkay?”.

It is sexist.