Mob Movies

i’m a huge fan of mob movies… but haven’t found one for a while that i haven’t already seen… anybody got any suggestions… like i said… have already been thru the poular ones Godfather series, Good Fellas, Donnie Brasco etc… so don’t bother with those…

You’ve probably seen Casino, Lock Stock and Snatch… how about The Long Good Friday?

Its an older film (1970s), more about gangsters than the mob. It has great acting and a good story. If you haven’t seen it then I highly recommend it.

Married to the mob
A Bronx tale
Once upon a time in America
La Cosa Nostra
Vegas (But not Honeymoon in…)
The Untouchables
Boss of bosses
Bonanno: A Godfather’s story
Witness to the mob
City Hall
Analyize This (You didn’t exclude comedy)
Analyize That (You have GF2 in there, so you have nothing against crappy sequels)
Get Carter
Bella Mafia
The last Don
The last Don 2 (I guess he wasn’t the last Don after all!)
The Freshman
Brother Orchid
Carlito’s Way
Mean Streets
My Blue Heaven
Little Caesar
The Public Enemy
State of Grace
On the Waterfront

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Let us not forget Payback and Miller’s Crossing!!

Surely you meant GF3. GF2 is arguably better than the original, you godless heathen.

If you don’t mind foreign films you might check out the work of Takeshi Kitano aka Beat Takeshi. “Fireworks” would be a good place to start.

*The Krays
Gangster No. 1
Murder Inc.
Bugsy Malone *(odd comedy)
Night And The City
King Of New York
Year Of The Dragon
(Chinese mobsters)
The Yakuza (Japanese mobsters)
Black Rain (ditto)
almost anything directed by Takeshi Kitano (double ditto)
Prime Cut
Point Blank
(1967, if you can include the pointless remake Payback the original should at least get a mention)

You gotta see “Snatch” and “Miller’s Crossing”. They both are fantastic in their own ways.

Go…run…right now!

I’ll second Herge’s Long Good Friday recommendation.

Don’t forget The Sopranos

Dammit, NoGoodNamesLeft leave some for the rest of us! :smiley:

Anyway, I’ll second Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and The Untouchables.

Johnny Dangerously. “Fargin’ iceholes!” (comedy)

Oh, what about Mafia! You didn’t say it had to be a good, right? :wink:

Anybody mention “Gangs of New York” yet?

thanks guys… more than enough to keep me going… will start with the Beat Takeshi stuff… am sure my local guy has it…
and btw agree completely abt GF2… all time classic

The Pope of Greenwich Village. Best thing Mickey Rourke or Eric Roberts was ever in!

Innocent Blood is a great mob flick. OK, it’s a vampire/mob/comedy flick, but you’ve got Anthony LaPaglia, Robert Loggia, Don Rickles and a hilarious script.

Ghost Dog starring Forrest Whitaker as a negro/samarai/mob hit man.

Bound is my favorite lesbian/mob flick.

Sexy Beast is a pretty good British effort. Another one is Stormy Monday with Sting, Tommy Lee Jones and Melanie Griffith and it’s being released on DVD on Oct 7.