Mobile Game Thread

I thought a separate thread for highlighting new and interesting mobile games might be useful. It’s a crazily saturated market, after all, and finding the good stuff amid the piles of money-grabs and ripoffs can be difficult.

Today I got a copy of Sage Solitaire for iOS. It’s kind of a cross between solitaire and poker. I’ve had a good bit of fun with it.

Feel free to share.

I posted about this separately but it sank like a stone. I have been having a lot of fun with You Must Build a Boat. It is a little pricier ($2.99) but you just buy the game and that’s it.

I got Sage Solitaire too. It’s almost replaced Threes for me!

Got an Android device? Check out One More Line, it’s free from Google Play. I have the Steam version and it’s fun even though I’ve crashed over 200 times without breaking 90 in a single run.

Infinity Blade III is free on the iOS app store.

Oh yes, there’s Pac-Man 256. Interesting game, but I kinda wish I could just buy it outright and not have to deal with the F2P energy nonsense.