Mod and Admin Bashing

Everyone’s doing it. I’ve decided to take my best shots at ‘em.

Arnold Winkelried—He’s trying to fool everyone into believing he’s some kind of hero. I don’t even think he’s Swiss.

TubaDiva—She believes she can be both humble and a diva. Plus she sometimes takes hours to answer my multiple e-mails.

Manhattan—He’s plain mean. Oh, wait a minute; he’s actually bought me alcohol. What I meant was he’s the sweetest tempered, most patient and least brusque moderator there ever was.

C K Dexter Haven—Who is he? I’ve never once interacted with him yet he was still able to embarrass me in front of my fellow Dopers. No, I don’t remember any Spencer Tracey movies, O.K.?

Chronos—Doesn’t really have any power over time.

Eutychus55—I can’t pronounce his name.

Coldfire—He doesn’t like b0jrn. What kind of man doesn’t like b0jrn?

Lynn Bodoni—She’s scary. And I don’t care what she says it just looks better with 1 “o” and 2 “i”s.

Gaudere—I don’t care that this is GD. He is a big giant poopyhead!

Alphagene—Is tall. You cannot trust people who are too tall. Especially if they like to wear ski caps.

Czarcasm—I used to like Slythe and then this bozo came along.

TVeblen—She’s. . .she’s. . . too nice!

John Corrado—Is a Republican.

Birdie, birdie in the sky
Drop a whitewash in my eye
I’m a Biggirl
I don’t cry
I’m just glad that cows don’t fly

Biggirl, this is too funny!!

[sub]Anything I could add would be an insult to the sheer perfection of this post.[/sub]


But it shortens so well for those passionate cries! “Oh! Euty!” :wink:


Everyone knows that Cecil is nothing but a

**This program has performed an illegal operation**

David B-- He’s so forgettable.

O.K., it was actually: You want cites? Yeah, I got your cites right here. But then I forgot.

And this is bad?

[sub]robgruver: Standing up for Republicans everywhere![/sub]


Me thinks this may be moving to GD. :smiley:

Plus he’s just so cute when he gets upset, you know, when his eyes get all squinky and that vein in his temple starts throbbing, oooh, I just can’t STAND it! Manny, be mine!

I’m totally with ya on this one.

Don’t even get me started on that Corrado character.

Probably because people keep calling her a him. Go figure. :smiley:

Hey, I’ve drank beer with her. Sure, she can slug 'em down, but she’s definitely a chick.

One damn sexy chick at that.


You’d think she’d know that’s an oxymoron! :wink:


Pipty Pipe.

What gives? Me and bj0rn are bestest buds!

Coldy: Poofenspray. 'nuff said.

Corrado: What would John Corrado Do? Movie at 11, rated R.

I know Gaudere is a she. I wasn’t calling her a great big poopyhead, it was the guy I was debating. . . oh forget it!

BTW, I love Republicans. Some of my best friends are Republicans. In fact I had one o’ them there Republicans over my house for dinner once. Had him sit down at the dinner table just like he was regular folk. I didn’t ask him to check his gun, he didn’t ask me about my abortions. We didn’t discuss why his president is as dumb as a post nor did we discuss why my president likes getting his post waxed in the Oval Office. It was right friendly I tells ya.
And UncleBeer is not either of my parents’ brother. And he never bought me any beer either.

Manhattan- can just picture him sitting at a desk with a bug rubber stamp that reads: “This thread is closed.”


Oh, right, well I KNEW that! I just meant…I mean, what I was saying was…see, it was just a play on words about…Oh, heck.

See, this is why I stopped posting so much. I’m never as clever as I think I am.

::walks off muttering about keeping her big mouth shut::