Mod-edited post not marked as mod-edited

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I have no problem with the moderation, but I’m concerned that the edited posts have no indication that they were edited by a moderator and not the poster. On the old boards, if a moderator edited another user’s post, there’d be a little blurb with the post stating such. Does this version of the board not have that capability?

The “I’ll hide your post” and the 4 collapsed posts with pretty much the same verbiage isn’t enough of a tell?

Not easily. There’s a trade off between being clear about having edited a post and taking up so much space that it’s intrusive.

Sometimes i add a staff note when i make a non-obvious substantive edit, but that’s a lot of real estate.

(The staff note is the yellow bubble before the post.)

I’d rather it be more explicit that it wasn’t the poster who made the edit. Our culture here is that post contents aren’t messed around with. I think this is a clear case of when a moderator is justified in messing around with post content, but I’d prefer it be explicit that it was.

As a suggestion, maybe if the top line was “Off Topic Post, hidden by WE?” or something equivalent.

I think it is pretty clear in this case. There is no automatic way to do it and that was a fair amount of work to prevent the hijack.

I really think the Modnote covered the 4 detail hides.

I was reading the thread in question and agree that the moderation was justified (1st) and that the intent was pretty darn clear, but would probably suggest a compromise along the lines of what @puzzlegal mentioned. One mod note on the collapsed post saying it and the replies would be concealed, and then pretty much exactly what was done for the individual posts. Mostly for anyone coming into the thread late, it might improve readability.

ETA - looks like @Pleonast said pretty much the same while I was typing this.

Done but seriously, it should not have been needed. The modnote should have been plenty to explain it.

Hey, thanks, the moderation on this board is much appreciated and I wouldn’t post here without it. For me, the transparency is a big part of why I trust you all are fair.

Sure, but the mod note is a few posts down and thus won’t be seen until well after the person has already seen the post.

As for additional work, you could just skip the mod note and just put all the info in the banner on top of the first moderated post. I think that’s actually the intent for those mod banners in Discourse.

Aside: When I look at those posts, I see a pencil in the upper-right corner. Is that not visible to non-mods?

It only says that they were edited not who did the editing.
What did they say before they were changed (again) to “Off Topic Post, please do not respond {Hidden by WE?}”

Also, why the question mark?

What_Exit used to be known as What Exit?

I’ll admit that the question mark took me a little while to figure out, too.

My username is What Exit? If you click my profile. Discourse can’t render it sadly.

So WE? has been short for What Exit?. You’ll see WhatJim occasionally too.

Previously, “Off Topic Post, please do not respond”.

If I saw a bunch of them in a row, I’d be confused. If I saw just one like that, I’d just assume someone changed their mind about the (off topic) post but didn’t want to delete it after they typed it.

And someone not entirely familiar with the board, even if they’ve been around for a year or two, almost certainly isn’t going to know what “{Hidden by WE?}” means.
I had to think for a second before it clicked that WE is What_Exit and even then (not that this part really matters) the question mark made me assume another mod added that part but wasn’t 100% sure which mod made the change.