Mod Snark on other Boards

Ed, Tuba, Xash, Dex, et al,

Are moderators supposed to go to splinter boards, and openly snark on members of the SDMB?

That seems, well, unkind, at best. Is that the kind of representation you guys want?

And which moderators is G refering to?

The one that sticks in my mind is the Carol Stream man-hands thing, but that was mostly because Carol tried to make it out as hate speech. Several of the moderators have asked to have that term as their title.


A) He didn’t. GFactor was asked what post he laughed the hardest at.
GFactor replied “The one that sticks in my mind is the Carol Stream man-hands thing, but that was mostly because Carol tried to make it out as hate speech. Several of the moderators have asked to have that term as their title”. (I agree with him-it would be hysterical). That’s it. That’s the single time he mentions your name.

B) I notice you’re STILL not linking to the thread, but making vague accusations tor try to make it look like it’s worse than it is. Again, I’m sure it’s fun to try to tar him with that brush, but reality isn’t cooperating. The link is here and I encourage people to read it to see what Carol thinks “open snark” means.

What’s said in mod emails is none of your business.

Edit: And I agree with Fenris about the interpretation of that post. If you don’t like Gfactor’s response to your complaints, Carol Stream, you should probably not complain as much and as bitterly as you do. He’s a great mod and he’s extremely patient. You ride his ass to a degree that most of us probably wouldn’t tolerate. He didn’t snark on you, and I think you already knew his response to that particular complaint.

Then why did Gfactor post what was said in mod emails on another message board?

Because he felt like it? (By the way I edited my previous post, if that changes your response to it.)

Read his words Carol…he’s saying that other mods also thought that this mysterious (LINK, dammit! :slight_smile: ) “man-hands is hate-speech” post is funny. The end.

I’m sure if I ever see it, I’ll point-and-laugh at it too.

What do you want, a cite of every doper/mod/admin that read it and laughed at your arguments? If so, this will be the longest thread ever!

I must have missed the original man hands thing, anybody got a link?

That’s what you, and Gfactor, apparently, don’t get. FOR THE LAST TIME, I AM NOT RIDING HIS ASS.

I think the POSTERS should be responsible for posting in the general style of the message board, and in the right forums as appropriate. Not the mods. Why can’t that happen? I mean really, pitting lunchmeat?

I’m trying to find it but no luck so far. Although it’s funny that I found that searching through the archives, Carol Stream (which is the name of a suburb somewhere) has been pretty damned reticent to say what gender it is.

So…Carol: you a guy or a girl? Because if you’re a guy “man-hands” isn’t an insult and if you’re a girl…well, until you tell us, it’s not an insult.


just to show two (that second one has a bunch of detective work). Normally gender doesn’t matter, but in this case? It’s critical.

You can’t have it both ways. Either mod emails are none of my business, OR they are, since the mod posted about them on a snark board, which make them everybody’s business, by default.

Also, if you don’t report to the admins, who do you report to?

Would you call Johanna, or Kelly M, or heaven forfend, Eve, “man-hands”? Didn’t think so.

Hold on though, in that post, Marley quotes you as saying,

That’s what he’s responding to with ‘because he felt like it?’

In the post previous to that, you actually say

I see there was an edit. Did you Marley misquote you and respond to it, or did you change what you’d said after he’d began writing a reply to the original post? the post Carol claims hate speech.

They’re not guys, remember? So yeah, it would certainly be an insult.

But saying Tripler, or Bear Nenno or Scylla or I have “man hands” would be a compliment.

You might be. Or are you transgendered? If so, you’re not a guy either*.

In any case, it’s STILL not an insult if we don’t know your gender, trans or not.

Nice attempt to derail the thread though! Well done.

And what is your gender, Carol?

*Um…or maybe you are, depending on what direction you’re going.

In the other thread, Gfactor doesn’t seem to be saying it was the insult itself he found funny. Apparently you’ve used harsh language in the past when talking about other posters, so he found it funny that this particular phrase set you off.

Nothing in those links say I claimed hate speech. tell the truth.

No, Marley didn’t misquote me. We were both editing at the same time, and it didn’t come out well.

What’s the title of the second thread?

How is that any of your business? Why are you so mean?