Model car scale

Im looking at a die cast car, and its listed as 1/12 scale.

Exactly how big would that be. We talking dinky car size or something fairly substantial.


Its a mercedes mcclaren slr btw

Well, Wikipedia says the car in question is 183.3 inches long, so divided by 16 it would be 11.45 inches.

It’s a decent size - considered large, as these things go, I think. Most of the model cars you see in a toy shop are 24th or 32nd scale, which are way smaller.

Why would you divide by 16 if it’s 1/12 scale? Try dividing by 12. :slight_smile:

Declan, all it is is a fraction. So the model in question would be one twelfth the size of the real car. If the model were 1/4 scale, it’d be one quarter the size of the real car, etc.

Yep. If the car was 12 feet long the model would be a foot long.

1/12 scale would make the car longer than a sheet of paper. The wheelbase is going to be about the size of a laptop computer lengthwise, or your keyboard, with the frame hanging over.

It would just about fit into box like a computer paper case, both lengthwise and with a little room on the sides.