Want to see your little Imperial's eyes light up on Christmas morning?

Here you go!

Now wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute here!

There’s no way a 6-foot-long Imperial-class Star Destroyer is going to be to scale with 4-inch-tall action figures.

I think he means its built to be compatible with 4" tall figures, so they can stand comfortably inside it.

Somebody had WAAAY too much time on their hands.

But it’s pretty cool!

It’s definitely not to scale – look at the TIE Fighter in the main photo.

How big would such a model built to scale for action figures be, anyway?

Supersize the pics. It’s a different scale inside than outside.

I can deal with it not being exactly to scale – especially when contrasted with Kenner’s official Star Destroyer playset, anyway. Not even a ten-year-old’s imagination could transmute that thing into a Star Destroyer.

About the length of a football field.

That would make a nice rainy-day project … .

Star Destroyer = 1.6km according to http://mirror.wolffelaar.nl/zardalu.sytes.net/index.html

Very cool site BTW for Sci-Fi fans

Are those popsicle sticks being used as detail items just above the character’s head on each side of the tower thing in this pic?

I’ll bet it’s actually 1.609344 km, if you know what I mean.